Hunan to air Zhang Han Yun, Andy Chen’s Princess of Lan Ling

We are almost there guys!! Finally some good news for us! The highly anticipated drama, Princess of Lan Ling (兰陵王妃), adapted from the novel written by Yang Qian Zi, is scheduled to premiere online at Mango TV on September 29th October, having been bought by Hunan and shelved till now (4 years?). With that, I’m sad to share the news that one of the cast members is no longer with us in this world. I wasn’t able to share the news back then, but she’s remembered fondly by the cast and friends and deserves a spot in your heart for her courageous fight against cancer.

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Second leads in Princess of Lan Ling brews up a storm in latest stills

 photo PLL90.jpg

Remember how much we hated the second lead girl in King of Lan Ling? Well, well, well. Looks like it’s gonna be ugly this time as well because the stills suggest that our Prince (Andy Chen) does return her feelings… O_O!! While Yu Wen Yong (Guan Ying Peng) continues to capture hearts with his dangerous push-and-pull ways.

In contrary to the other posts, this time, I won’t ask for it to air so soon. 😉

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