Discovering New Sparks and Giving Second Chances in Vacation of Love with Yao Chen and Bai Yu

Vacation of Love (假日暖洋洋) is a modern drama starring Yao Chen and Bai Yu. Our heroine is an accomplished managing agent who believes that this vacation to a resort will bring her love for her managed artist (played by Zheng Yun Long) to fruition. However, the person he proposes to is not her…Shocked and overwhelmed, she drinks her sorrows away at the beach, catching the eye of a warm-hearted man, our hero, who helps her learn to live and love. Married for years, another couple, played by Zhang Jing Chu and Dong Cheng Peng, go on vacation at the same resort but it’s an act in front of their relatives. She, a career-oriented woman, is tired of her husband’s laziness and has already filed for divorce. This vacation is his chance to win back his wife.

Bai Yu playing the guitar at the beach in shorts? 😍

Airing 1/25 ~

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Beautiful stills for Sword Snow Stride with Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Geng Xi, and Zhang Tian Ai

Adapted from the novel written by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou, wuxia/historical drama Sword Snow Stride (雪中悍刀行) stars Zhang Ruo Yun, Hu Jun, Li Geng Xi, Zhang Tian Ai, Vengo Gao, and Li Chun.

Synopsis written by Amy: The story follows young nobleman, Xu Feng Nian, the eldest son of general Xu Xiao of Northern Liang Dynasty, how he finally became a great weapon under the eager expectation of his father. The road to success was long and grueling, and filled with ruthless murderous intentions, yet he persevered through the hardships. His journey through Jianghu encouraged him to improve his martial arts skills, and along the way, he established strong relationships with crucial people that could benefit him in his future adventures. At last, he finally became the King of Northern Liang. Xu Feng Nian led the Beiliang cavalry in the fight against Beimang and their sudden invasion, and would become the beacon of hope within the Central Plains

The drama’s script will be written by Joy of Life’s Wang Juan.

Image-heavy post. 😀

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First Impression: What do you think of Zhu Yi Long’s The Lost Tomb Reboot Season 1?

The Lost Tomb Reboot (重启之极海听雷) is the latest addition to the tomb-related franchise starring Zhu Yi Long, Mao Xiao Tong, Huang Jun Jie (as Qi Ling), Hu Jun, Chen Ming Hao, and Baron Chen. Our three musketeers are drawn back to adventures in the dark with a message from Mr. Wu.

Season 1 has 32 episodes. So I guess the whopping episode count is due to the fact they will be splitting the series into multiple seasons?

Airing today 7/15!

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Zhu Yi Long’s The Lost Tomb Reboot with Mao Xiao Tong and Huang Jun Jie prepares for broadcast in July

Are you read for some tomb shenanigans? Cause Zhu Yi Long is back to dramaland as Wu Xie in The Lost Tomb Reboot (盗墓笔记重启), alongside Mao Xiao Tong, Huang Jun Jie (as Qi Ling), Hu Jun, Chen Ming Hao, and Baron Chen. Our three musketeers are drawn back to adventures in the dark with a message from Mr. Wu.

No date specified but it’s said to be next week. 🙂

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Movie Review: Shadow (Cmovie, 2018)

A dying army commander, an indolent emperor, a man trapped in servitude and a plot to take back a kingdom’s lost territory. This is the core of the move Shadow, which sees director, Zhang Yimou, reuniting with his House of Flying Daggers cinematographer, Zhao Xiaoding, for another visually enticing, as well as intriguing, film. I’d read a lot of great things about this movie and when I saw that it was posted to LeTV’s official YouTube page, I had to watch it.

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William Chan and Lin Yun roughen up in Genghis Khan

William Chan‘s foray in films takes him into the beautiful grassland as he plays the conqueror and founder of the Mongol Empire by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia in the movie Genghis Khan (战神纪) alongside Jelly Lin Yun and Hu Jun. First teaser and some stills after the jump!

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My Little Valentine: Untamed daughter Gina Jin gives dad Hu Jun headaches

Awwwwwwwwwww!! This looks uber cute for a light summer drama. Every father’s nightmare when their little daughter grows up and begins dating boys! They will clash and make-up until the day he accepts her chosen man. Modern drama Little Valentine (小情人) explores the relationships between various types of parental figures as Hu Jun learns the dos and donts of being a dad. Beside a hormonal daughter, he also has to deal with his own stubborn mother and a potential love interest in his life. Problems coming from all sides. Good luck, dad!

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