Tan Song Yun to break more hearts in Dear Mayang Street with Xu Wei Zhou and Niu Jun Feng

Dear Ma Yang Street (亲爱的麻洋街) is gonna be the next big hit among modern cdramas this year? Gotta say, it’s been a lovely year for modern dramas. The trailers are nostalgic, charming, and full of colorful characters. Dear Ma Yang Street follows a group of youths and their families who grew up on the vibrant Mayang street, their ups and downs of youth and adulthood. Our heroine likes troublemaker (Xu Wei Zhou) but the new neighbor (Niu Jun Feng) next door also has a crush on her at first sight. The constant arguments break up the lovebirds and it’s the second lead who stays by her side as she studies in law school, assumes responsibility over her family, and eventually becomes a lawyer. And this is when the other bird returns into the picture. Uh Oh! I have a feeling Niu Jun Feng might be the one breaking hearts here….

Airing 10/22!

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Janice Wu Qian and Zhang Lu Yi’s Beauty From Heart drops stills

Beauty From Heart (这个世界不看脸) is an upcoming modern drama with Janice Wu Qian and Edward Zhang Lu Yi as leads, following the story of twin sisters and their different life approaches. One prefers to forge ahead with hard work, while one wants to use her beauty as a shortcut. Eventually, the morally good sister influences her vain twin sister that face can only go that far – beauty from the heart will prevail.

Hmm, twin sisters storyline, you know what this means, everybody gets the girl! Lol.

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