Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 65-66 Recaps and Final Thoughts

The official and complete (and I mean there are no more sources of airing this show) end is here!! I’m not sure whether to be excited or saddened by the fact that there will not be anymore Wu Ji, Yuan Bao (IMOmusing’s personal favourite) or Zong Yue (Enid Bee’s absolute favourite) to look forward to at the beginning of the week anymore.

In last week’s recap, we posted our initial ‘summaries’ to last 2 episodes. This post will be the ‘official’ recap after having watched the subtitled episodes. We’ll also be sharing our favourite moments and gifs.

So let’s get started!


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C-Drama Fan Artist: Hu Cong Mi Suan

If you are on Weibo, you probably recognise this artist’s work right away, even if you may not know her name. Her beautiful, often simple, portraits of characters from some of the popular C-dramas come up often on Weibo, as well as other social media sites, as fans share her art and she gains more attention. Posting under the name Hu Cong Mi Suan (呼葱觅蒜), this artist has since published a couple books of her artwork and even been commissioned by production companies and others for her work as well.

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