[Show] Happy Together 188: Ladies from My Black Mini Dress

Guarantee to relieve your stress!

*Episode 188:
Guests: Two ladies from the movie “My Black Mini Dress” – Yoon Eun Hye & Park Han Byul, Sori, K.Will, Park Hwi Soon, Jeon Hyun Moo
Watch here: [email protected]

Alice: I promise myself I wouldn’t watch any thing until this week’s over…but here I am…laughing like an idiot watching this episode…YOON. EUN. HYE!! My favorite girl from X-Man! (Bae Seul Gi from Love Letter). She’s still popular with the guys, receiving three roses from the male guests. OMG….Bong Sun and K.Will battling over their beauty! haha XD K.Will is such a funny man, I never knew this side of him.

Gosh, Sori is setting the bathhouse on fire! Love her power dances, reminds me of Lee Hyori.
Jeon Hyun Moo and his 4th key: “Owwwhhhh!” had me tearing… Photobucket I swear I never get tired of their parody of DBSK’s Why. I’m in stitches.

[Shows] Happy Land 175 & Full Marks Ep. 2

Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 175:
Guests: Continuing with 2AM & Kara
Watch here: At PikeYenny
– Comment: Again, my source (click) uploaded Ep. 174 this week. So refer to PikeYenny for the newest episode.

Photobucket = Full Marks

*Episode 2:
Guests: Shinee’s Minho, Miss A’s Min, Eunseo, Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Simon D, SG Wannabe’s Seokhun, Jaerim, SNSD’s Yuri, Miss Korea’s 2009 Juri, Rapper E-Sens, I don’t know some of the guests…
Watch here: [email protected]

Alice: I have finally made my decision folks, it’s not an easy one but definitely not a regretful choice from my end. This post will be my last post uploading variety shows. College has resumed for me (and many others) and I just can’t find the time to do so many things. This isn’t exactly a loss because you guys still have PikeYenny, who records K.B.S shows and uploads them as they air, which is wicked fast. What’s even better? She provides download links for you all! So instead of following 2 blogs, it’s easier for you all to follow variety shows at one place.

In the end, I would like to thank everyone for joining me this past year, supporting and spazzing on a weekly basis. It was fun meeting you all, especially the familiar names that I always see posting up subtitles and other goodies in the comment area. ^_^ Appreciate it!

[Shows] Happy Land 174 & Full Marks Ep. 1

Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 174:
Guests: Kara, 2AM and MC Jeon Hyun Moo
Watch here: @PikeYenny
– Comment: My source (click) didn’t have Happy Land this week. So feel free to visit Pikeyenny to watch. She records and uploads as the show airs, so she’s faster than my source, who uploads all the shows on Monday, a week after.

Photobucket = Full Marks

*Episode 1:
Guests: Song Joong Ki, Hyorim, Sora, Suju’s Eunhyuk, FT Island’s Hongki, Shinee’s Minho, Miss A’s Min, Eunseo, Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Simon D, Jung Juri, Tony, Park Myung Soo, Park Kyung Lim, young actor Lee Hyun Jin, solo singer Yoonji. Man is this everyone? O_O
Watch here: [email protected]

****A Treat! Let’s Go Dream Team Ep. 57. Dream Team VS 2PM.
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: I randomly decided to download Dream Team….and oh boy, I’m impressed with the Dream Team members. Especially during the wrestling match. Remember Lee Hyun, who appeared on Happy Land twice in my memory? Well, he’s a beast… Jinon is uber cute! So I googled him, and found out that he’s the leader of the boy band F.Cuz. And he’s the same age as me, a few months older! Perfectly legal. haha XD

[Shows] Happy Land 173 & Twinkle Time 311

Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 311:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, 2AM’s Changmin, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, Jung Juri, Kim Tae Hyun, etc…
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: This is it guys and gals, the last episode of the long-running show, “Star Golden Bell”. It’s sad seeing how attached Jung Juri is to this show… 🙁

Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 173:
Guests: Tony An, Kim Ji Sun, Jung Juri, Hwang Hyun Hee, Kim Jae Duk
Watch here: Download here!
– Comment: DailyMotion is trying to kill me…it takes 5 hours to upload one part for Happy Land yet 5 minutes to upload Twinkle Time…so here’s the download link folks. I’ll upload this episode at another time.

Alice: The first Official episode of “100 Points out of 100” premieres next week on this blog. The previous episode is the pilot episode. This new show will be nicknamed “Full Marks” (suggested by Anonymous! Thanks a lot!). Looking forward to it.


[Shows] Happy Land 172 & Twinkle Time 310

♥ Sooyoung ♥

Photobucket = Twinkle Time

*Season 2 Episode 310:
Guests: MBLAQ’s Lee Joon & Thunder, Hwayobi, SungKyunKwan Scandal’s Supporting Actors, Dong Yi’s Dongyun & Damin, Tony, SG Wannabe, Yurisangja
Watch here: [email protected]

Photobucket = Happy Land

*Episode 172:
Guests: SNSD’s Taeyeon – Yuri – Seohyun – Sunny – Sooyoung
Watch here: [email protected]
– Comment: Sunny cracks me up with her cute walk… I want Sooyoung’s Ringtone voice “12 o’clock!! So animated and cute! That girl is awesome with imitation. XD

Alice: Merry Christmas Everyone!!