Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (4/17/17): Monkey King Press Conference, Beijing Film Festival

First post of the new ship dedicates to Li Ying. 😉 (Please tell me everything is fine now! The most stressful weekend.)

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Zhao Li Ying, Xie Na, Bai Bai He dorky on Happy Life

It’s here! It’s here! Uploaded on youtube by Hunan 35 mins ago. Yes, I was stalking!

(BTW, there’s some issues with the commenting, sometimes it would show your comment didn’t go through, but it actually did 99% of the times, so don’t fret and let it show up in due time, I’m trying to get it fixed.)

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Zhao Li Ying’s Updates: Princess Agents BTS, Monkey King 3, CFs

Updates here and there on her projects. 😀

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