Guys With Kids with Bosco Wong, Luo Yun Xi, and Liu Guan Xiang confirms air date after five years

Let’s see. My last post of this drama was in 2015! 😱

And what a time to announce its broadcasting date, with a drama title like that in a time like this. 👀

Guys With Kids (奶爸当家) stars Bosco Wong, Luo Yun Xi, and Liu Guan Xiang as a group of single men living together. Our main hero, plays by Bosco, recently lost the custody for his daughter. Then his first love died in a car accident and wanted her surviving infant son to be given to him. He also needs to find the baby’s daddy in the mean time. What ensues is a hilarious showcase of love and connection in a makeshift family. The three dads with three distinct personalities. Bosco is the nerdy, doormat dad, Luo Yun Xi is the hot-headed young daddy, and Liu Guan Xiang is the athletic and sensitive dad.

Airing 1/22 ~

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Guys with Kids releases 10-minute trailer with Bosco Wong and the Leo Bros

The faces of three dads who spent the night changing diapers and wiping peeweewee. Lol.

I wrote about this modern drama three months ago and we finally have a long trailer! And it’s wicked cute! Bosco Wong, Leo Luo (My Sunshine), and mainland actor, Leo Liu, star as a group of single man living in the same apartment. After (Bosco)’s ex-girlfriend passes away in a car accident, the girl’s baby is given to him, along with the mission of finding the baby’s daddy. Life is full of irony because our main hero previously lost a custody battle with his ex-wife and never got the chance to raise his own kid, and now he is raising another man’s child.

Tighten your pants ladies (and guys, to be fair), the cute might just be too much. =D

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Bosco Wong and Leo Luo become helpless dads in Guys With Kids

Man, man, man. I’m on the roll these two days, or maybe drama gods are celebrating spring because most of the news are making me really happy! ^___^ This one in particular is extremely cute. The mix of actors is also a pleasant surprise – Hong Kong actor, Bosco Wong, joined by newbie actor, Leo Luo (My Sunshine), and mainland actor, Leo Liu, in a rom-com about struggling dads. It is everyone’s favorite tv topic nowadays. Yes. There are two Leos in the house! The original version is an American TV show released in 2012 with only one season. No official title (Single Parents?) yet so I’m just gonna call it Guys With Kids for now.

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