Nobunaga no Chef: Episode 8 & 9 Finale “Your life. Your choice.”

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Surprise! You thought I forgot about this one, didn’t ya? Not! Like a petulant child, I didn’t want to part ways with gentle Ken and lovely Natsu. Thank goodness, I have PingChen to cover that loss in my shippy heart. Chef is not a must-watch, but something light to help you forget the arrogant chaebol guys. And for once, the three ladies are sweethearts right to the end. Each has their own way of loving and letting go.

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Nobunaga no Chef Episode 6 & 7: “I need to clone Ken.”


I’m serious. Someone as nice, gentle, and perceptive as Ken needs to have multiple copies. One thing I definitely like about this series (up ’til now) is that despite having 3 ladies falling for one man, they are not catty and scheming. Had this been a Korean drama, it’s almost an unwritten law that the second female lead is guaranteed a spiteful role, plotting behind everyone’s back, while the second male lead would’ve glorified bromance moments but still vying adorably for her love. WHY KOREA?

Anyways, rant’s over…

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Nobunaga no Chef Episode 4 & 5: “My Special Person.”

If you keep staring at him like that Natsu, you’d set him on fire. 😉

Oh boy. Is it just me but episode 5 was good. Like real good with a little bit of love, action, and conflicts thrown into the hour? I hate this feeling of waiting week after week for one episode. Because Nobunaga no Chef is the kind of drama you could watch and finish in one sitting.

And now I’m gonna pout waiting for the next serving.

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Nobunaga no Chef Episode 2 & 3 – “These two are shippable!”

Side profile – Jae Joong!

Is shippable a word? Don’t care, I’m about to make it one.

I’m actually not sure of what to say about this drama. They introduced the main antagonist in Episode 1 and then timely shoved him somewhere, probably saving his story as the drama’s final arc. That leaves me fuming because the interaction between Ken and Akechi is far more interesting, just based on the few minutes we have seen of them. Episode 2 & 3 can be pretty much summarized in one sentence: Nobunaga is angered by his enemies and sends newly appointed genius chef, Ken, to their kitchen, making him the instigator for peace/war.

For me, I’m continuing to watch this for the adorable chemistry between Ken and Natsu. Ah, my first OTP this year.

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Nobunaga no Chef: Episode 1 – “He’s worst off than Jin.”

Doesn’t he remind you of Jae Joong? I think it’s the lips…

Guys, meet Ken, Jin’s friend who works in the kitchen of the same hospital. Kidding! The fact: he’s time-traveling. Similar to Jin, he uses a pointed object as his means for survival. Jin might be high and honored with his scalpel in hand, but one can’t go far without food. Our time-traveling chef, Ken (Yuta Tamamori), has his own Katana made by a friend he meets during the chaotic period. So what do I mean by he’s worst off than Jin? At least Jin has his memory intact, this pitiful boy does not possess any scrap of information about himself – who he is, and why he’s time-slipped. Even the name Ken comes from the mouth of an old man, who apparently time-traveled with him but dies in the first 5 minutes of episode 1.

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