Ruby Lin surrounds with sizzling male co-stars in ‘Older Woman Marching Forward’

DGG (8)

Now if you’re wondering what’s with the slew of trailers released around here, then blame it on the Shanghai Film Festival held this past week. The star-studded event allows upcoming actors to promote their dramas to sponsors and generate media attention. I’m only posting trailers that I have mild interest in checking out. (I do have a strong interest for Queen of SOP though.)

Older Woman Marching Forward also known as Drama Go Go Go, features a romantic screen writer, Wang Ming Ming (Ruby), casting a fellow fallen actor, Yi Shen (Jiro) in a her new script. In order to maintain his status and role, Yi Shen begins his mission to woo Ming Ming, sparking direct opposition with Ming Ming’s good buddy, Tong Shao Tian (Lin Geng Xin). Thrown into this mix of hot mess is a cool-headed treasure collector, Fu Yun Kai (Hu Bing).

Man, that was a handful of hotties to list. This drama is set to air on July 7th this summer.

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