Variety Shows Updates: Divas Hit the Road Season 3, Keep Running, 72 Mysterious Floors, Give Me Five

Plucking this from my news batch to divide the mess into two posts. 😉

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Variety Show Give Me Five: Zhang Yi Shan, Liu Hao Ran, Dong Zi Jian

A new variety show is coming to town! Dunno about you but the first three names (powerhouse of talents!) is enough to have my interest piqued for Zhejiang new variety show called Super Boys (高能少年团) with Zhang Yi Shan, Liu Hao Ran, Dong Zi Jian, Karry Wang Jun Kai, and Darren Wang. The show will be putting the boys through various outdoor and indoor challenges over a course of their weekly adventures. There are guests! Female guests and the list will send you drooling about. What to do with the bouncy youthful energy all around you?!

Watch the last clip full of youthful smiles ~~~

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