Beauties of the Emperor: Episode 3 & 4 “What’s she thinking?”

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Oh…I didn’t expect the blazing chemistry from these two. You know, I have been MingEn this, MingEn that during the first two episodes that I completely forgot about the other man in Le Er’s life. He shows up in episode 3 and the air has been refreshed. We’re still in the process of setting up the characters, but hopefully, things pick up from here.

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Beauties of the Emperor: Episode 2 “Coincidences.”

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Are these two going to meet properly anytime soon?

Rejoice my friends. Some fans at MingEn’s facebook have ripped DF subs and reuploaded them onto youtube. Check the videos here. Now you don’t have to read this recap. 😉 I’m serious! Why would anyone choose to scroll through still images when you can watch MingEn in motion? Enjoy watching and please keep all discussions related to the current episode!

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Beauties of the Emperor: Episode 1 – “MINGEN!”


Taking a brief break from my Jdrama viewing (Still have a few series to cover!) to watch some MingEn. I haven’t recapped a full episode in a while so it may be rusty. The last time was Feast of the Gods fiasco. Episode 1 is fast-paced and sets the foundation for our female leads. The war scenes are quite good but I can’t watch them for long because the fallen horses break my heart.

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