Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

The Magnolia Awards was worth talking about, the weibo awards, not so much. Show up and you get one slice of pork!

I think I sorted over 1000 pictures in the last 2 days. What’s with all these events back-to-back!

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Ruby Lin, Liu Tao, Gigi Leung brimming in lushy green

Looking out the window of my dark, gloomy day, this photoshoot provides a brief respite. And if I like one thing more than ice-cream, it’s probably sisterhood, which is so often mistreated and misrepresented onscreen! Here are the three ladies who performed together at the New Year concert for CCTV, meeting again for a photoshoot where they smile and laugh in the field of green. I tried to guess their age in order and boy was I so wrong! Fountain of youth, someone has it! XD

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