Movie Review: The Monkey King 3 (Cmovie, 2018)

新年快乐! Since it’s Chinese New Year’s weekend and there are actually quite a few movies playing in the theatre near me, I decided to go see The Monkey King 3. I think this was the most people I’d seen in the theatre for a Chinese movie, attesting to the popularity of this story and the actors in it. It stars Feng Shaofeng (“The Starry Night, The Starry Sea”) and Zhao Liying (“Princess Agents”) and continues the story of the monk and his disciples traveling West.

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Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony 2017

The Magnolia Awards was worth talking about, the weibo awards, not so much. Show up and you get one slice of pork!

I think I sorted over 1000 pictures in the last 2 days. What’s with all these events back-to-back!

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Ruby Lin, Liu Tao, Gigi Leung brimming in lushy green

Looking out the window of my dark, gloomy day, this photoshoot provides a brief respite. And if I like one thing more than ice-cream, it’s probably sisterhood, which is so often mistreated and misrepresented onscreen! Here are the three ladies who performed together at the New Year concert for CCTV, meeting again for a photoshoot where they smile and laugh in the field of green. I tried to guess their age in order and boy was I so wrong! Fountain of youth, someone has it! XD

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