Yang Zi and Ma Tian Yu’s My Mowgli Boy to air in the last days of August

I hope you like Tarzan cause Ma Tian Yu is channeling one in this new modern drama! Lol. Yang Zi’s popularity is off the charts so her dramas are airing left and right. Qiyi has subbed most of the trailers and previews down below so you guys can check them out. Will this drama pull me out of my drama slump? I have always preferred my leading ladies to be more jaded than the boys. HA. 😉

My Mowgli Boy begins airing tomorrow 8/29. August is almost over?!
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Character Posters: Ju Jing Yi’s The Legend of Yun Xi, Jia Nai Liang’s Romance With the Star

Two more upcoming dramas for you!

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