Links to “Female Prime Minister” Opening & Ending Themesongs

Even before Female Prime Minster (Lu Zhen Chuan Qi) was released, the opening song has already captured my interest. It’s sung by Li Yu Chun’s deep, soulful voice and backed by an impressive mixture of strings and drums. And guess what I just learned? Our perfect OTP also lends their voices to sing the ending theme, called “Mood.” I like it already, Zhao Li Ying sounds very sweet and adorable, and Chen Xiao could use some improvement. It’s like he’s speaking his lines. 😛 They already look compatible from heads to toe, must they sing too? GAHHHHHHH. Too kute.

Find the HQ DL links below to both songs. Help me with the translation, if you’re free. 🙂

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Stills and Theme Video for Cdrama Female Prime Minister Released


Yay! Another drama where the cast is eye-catching but when you see the producer is Yu Zheng, you take a few steps back and give a hopeful smile. Set in the Northern Dynasties, the story focuses on the ups and downs of the only female prime minister in Chinese History, Lu Zheng, played by youthful face Zhao Li Ying. Her leading man is the King during that time period, and actor Chen Xiao takes the honor as Gao Dan.

The costumes are stunning! Really love the yellow and blue uniforms spotted on the royal maids. The hair pieces could be better though…

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