Youth drama Don’t Disturb My Learning with Li Lan Di and Lai Guan Lin drops air date

Synopsis by MangoTV: In 2020, at the age of 28, Nan Xiang Wan (Li Lan Di), who is the human resource director of a world-renowned company, is also a patient with academic discrimination. She seems like a master of life, but is full of anxiety in her heart. A high-tech psychotherapy brought Nan Xiang Wan’s memories back to 10 years ago, allowing her to review her senior year in high school and face Class 7 which she was incompatible with. In order to re-enter Guanghua University, Nan Xiang Wan had to solve one problem after another, such as the classmates who kept disturbing her study, the father who once hated her, and the unbearable memories of high school. During this process, Nan Xiang Wan gradually became friends with sports student Lin Xiao Ran (Lai Kuan Lin), and the two grew up during battles of wits and courage with each other. Nan Xiang Wan finally realized that in addition to scores, everyone also has their own shining points, and life is not only about “winning”. She began to help classmates to fall in love with learning and to chase their dreams. In the end, Nan Xiang Wan obtained friendship, regained the blood of youth, and reconciled with her father. When the time she met Lin Xiao Ran again, she decided to take the initiative. They got to know each other again and started a happy life.

Airing 3/10 ~

Both of the male leads were in 2019’s A Little Thing Called First Love. Lol. Round 2?

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Li Lan Di and Lai Guan Lin begin filming Don’t Think About Interrupting My Studies

Modern drama Don’t Think About Interrupting My Studies (别想打扰我学习) stars Li Lan Di and Lai Guan Lin. Our female lead in 2020 is an HR manager at a large enterprise. On the outside, everything is going well, but deep down our heroine discriminates against those who study poorly in academics. In a psychiatric treatment (I don’t know the term), she’s triggered to revisit her youth, when she was 18, but now the table has turned, and she’s ranked lowly in studies. Lol. She has a few problems to solve: pressure to get into the university that she wanted, classmates interrupting her studies, and issues with dad. Along the way, she meets sports student in our male lead. Slowly but surely she recognizes the good traits of people and that winning is not the ultimate goal.

In the novel written by Yue Liu Guang, she travels back in time when she falls asleep on a plane. xD

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