First trailer for Ma Ke and Qi Wei’s New Dragon Gate Inn

First trailer is out for the drama remake of wuxia movie New Dragon Gate Inn now simply known as Dragon Inn (新龙门客栈) starring Ma Ke, Qi Wei, and Shen Meng Chen as the main leads. The story is very similar; the rise to power of powerful eunuch Cao Shao Qin (Actor Bao Jian Feng), leader of Dong Chang (Eastern Depot), a Ming dynasty spy/secret police agency, as he aims to eliminate all those who oppose him, one of them being defense minister Yang, who is killed, and his only son (Actor Liu Yao Yuan) exiled. Ma Ke plays the righteous general out to protect the youngin and Shen Meng Chen work together with him to escort Yang Minister’s son to an inn, which is operated by a seductive boss, played by actress Qi Wei. Friends and foes engage in long battles at the same inn.

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