Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 11 – 15 “Reunions.”

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hee! Love the friendship moments in this drama. The two dorks and their seduction of Batman’s Robin. 😛 Seems like the running theme of this batch of episodes is reunion. Reunion of friends, lovers, ideas, and differences. Opposite from the prequel where the cameo appearances were from big stars, I quite like low-key additions of guest stars here. The effect is not huge to disrupt the flow but small enough to make an impact on our characters, forcing them to look at issues from a different angle. Holiday’s missing boyfriend arc has a closure and we finally learn why Sam’s been swimming in a sea of regret regarding Zoe.

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Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 6 – 10 “Fun with aviation jargon!”

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Mother Hen and the three gossipers! I love when these four share the same scene. It’s light and fuzzy and cute. And Sam’s reaction is hilarious as he feels challenged by the hyperactive Holiday, playful with Coco, and critical of Isaac. Yet together, these three dominate the mother hen with their mischief. Careful there Sam, losing MOAR hair doesn’t do your image any good. Breathe! And now I’m just sad that our little makeshift family is split up in the next few episodes for the development of other story threads, especially that pesky thing we call love. Oh yea, it comes with multiple sides too. What? You don’t like subtle hints? We have a doll for that! Meet triangle!

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Triumph in the Skies 2: Episode 1 – 5 “Unexpectedly good!”

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Men are handsome in uniform. Yes, yes?

Great flight guys! It’s a good sign when I sat down and breezed through 5 episodes like they did not take away five hours of my day. Old and new characters meshed in very well, with chemistry exploding from left to right. The conversations were surprisingly very funny and witty. Oddly enough, there were no emergency plane situations in the first five episodes. Considering Tvb’s style, this will change pretty soon. But I guess they have 38 episodes for those incidents. Heh. So far, it’s more character-driven than anything, but I don’t find myself feeling the urge to fast forward any scene. It’s a testament to the writer’s strength in turning mundane dialogues into entertainment. 🙂

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Just You Recap: Episode 1 & 2

Hihihihihi everyone ^u^ I’m jumping aboard the AVV ship to provide you with moar recaps and moar reviews and moar what-have-yous~ I’m going to start with a small, currently airing series, a Taiwanese drama called Just You (就是要你愛上我lit. Just want you to love me) starring some fluffy puppies called Aaron Yan and Puff Guo.

I picked this project for a few reasons: It’s short (10 episodes), cute, with a engaging storyline (unless the writer gets whacked later on in the show), and most importantly, the chemistry between Aaron and Puff is fireworksworthy (if that isn’t a word, I’m inventing it now for them~). Aaron plays the boss from… a very rich, good-looking hell: suffering from OCD, no emotions, snarkiness, and a sad backstory, while Puff plays the perky employee who unwittingly ends up as roomies with him, and decides that the most expedient way to make him loosen up is to make him fall in love with her.

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Goddess of Marriage: Episode 1 “Cheaters of all Cheats!”

 photo GOM1-21.jpg
Ladies, this is NOT the right reaction when you’re in LSW’s arms, alrighty?

Ah, I’m so torn about this drama. There is one aspect that I really love (the three leads) and A LOT that I wish is cut down. It seems like the writer enjoys writing about unhappy people. Most of her male characters are cheating, decadent scoundrels who live believing that their wives should grovel beneath their feet. And the women, why? WHY submit yourself to such a suffocating life? Cut the drama, give me the cute!

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 8 & 9 “An end is a new beginning.”

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Oh feelings. Sometimes fragile, sometimes confusing, and rarely are they crystal clear. So I’m glad our heroine is resolute in her decision and actively shows it. Ping An finally draws the line with her former crush on Zi Wen and symbolically places his present bow pin away into her bag. How neat is that? She’s thinking about Ye Chen’s fear of bows when she puts it away. Sweet heavens! I adore PingChen together. Did I tell you that? I love how their relationship is progressing in the story. It’s slow and I like that because their path to mutual attraction is a process built on trust and not those flimsy love-at-first-sight hot messes (I don’t buy that!) And those hugs? Gah. So big, so comfy, so sincere, with each one packed with meaning and flowing emotions. Just look at Ping An’s face above and there’s your answer.

Ye Chen, can you give me just one hug?

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Borrow Your Love: Episode 6 & 7 “She sees his good side.”

 photo BYL7-14.jpg

Aw! I missed my PingChen babies so much! So behind in this drama, it’s not even funny. All thanks to Viki New Interface, causing delays in my viewing enjoyment. Now that I’m back, so glad to see Ping An sporting a slightly altered hairstyle. It’s a simple swept of the bangs, making her features softer. She looks less bumbling, though still clumsy in motion. We have a new addition to the cast, and one I wish to see less of. That’s a fair warning, no? 😛

Like always, please do not spoil if you’re ahead. ^^

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The Last Cinderella: Episode 4 “Candid Conversations.”

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A much better episode, in that we have many genuine character interactions and less teeny-popper Sakura pining after Hiroto. A different topic arises, one that is relatable to many women that age, and we see that love might not be Sakura’s greatest dream. Age catches up to everyone and whether one is ready to transition to the next stage or not depends on their outlook of life and what treasures they have right next to them.

It’s not far, Sakura. Just look past that barbed tongue of his.

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