New Trailers: Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 2, Zhang Lu Yi’s Patriot, Xu Lu’s The Life Planner

So many updates… where to start?

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Humorous interactions in Medical Examiner Dr. Qin New Trailer

Oh! The second trailer gives us an unexpected surprise to the series. The first one was pretty standard stuff, so the second one counters with a brand of petty revenge in the workplace and a cute bromance in the horizon. It also has an official air date. Looks like October is the month of investigative series. We have Yang Rong’s Memory Lost, Wang Kai’s When A Snail Falls In Love, and now Zhang Ruo Yun‘s Medical Examiner Dr. Qin.

Really is the battle of the brains, isn’t it?

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (41)

There’s no better time than now to do a batch news! Happy Sunday!

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Zhang Ruo Yun picks up scalpel for Dr. Qin Medical Examiner

New genre! Forensic webdrama, Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (法医秦明) is the drama adaptation of novel Finger Number 11 (第十一根手指) written by Qin Ming. The story goes into raw and often times gruesome details about forensic autopsy. Author Qin Ming is a graduate from Wannan Medical College and China Criminal Police College and works as a forensic physician so his behind-the-scene knowledge and education provides great background for the scripts. Zhang Ruo Yun (Noveland: Castle In The Sky) and Jiao Jun Yan (The Legend of Chusen) will lead. Yep, she’s Jin Ping Er. Chop off all those wuxia hair and I could barely recognize her!

First teaser at the end of post!

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