Zhejiang’s 24 Hours with Chen Kun, Han Geng, and Leo Wu

Replacing the slot of Run Brother is Twenty-Four Hours with 6 men: Chen Kun, Han Geng, Leo Wu Lei, Andrew Yin Zheng, Xu Zheng, and Da Peng. 24 Hours is an outdoor reality show that follows the adventure of 6 men who came 600 years from the past (fancy intro is all). In each episode they will visit a location to learn about the culture and history by playing games and completing missions. Two teams: 1) Chen Kun (team leader), Han Geng, and Leo, 2) Xu Zheng (team leader), Da Peng, and Andrew. Each episode will have two guests.

I think I found my go-to show on friday. The Greatest Love premieres on the 23rd so I’m good this season!

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