Cdrama Updates: My Unicorn Girl, Love Advanced Customization, Reflection of Lion on Lazy Cat, Begin Again

The theme of this post is love in the corporate world. XD

Hope everyone is doing well mentally, physically, and spiritually. Jia You!

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Count Your Lucky Stars with Jerry Yan and Shen Yue releases first trailer

Oh man… I’m pretty conflicted when I saw the trailer a few days ago. It feels like someone just thought the two Meteor Garden versions colliding would be a great idea so they decided to mash the two leads together regardless of visual disparity. Shen Yue looks like a little sister next to Jerry; I can’t take them seriously as a couple. Especially when the premise is the exchange of luck through a kiss. So many kisses in the trailer! He’s cheating on 2001’s Shan Cai. Lol. xD

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Cdrama Updates: The Oath of Love, Count Your Lucky Stars, Maiden Holmes, The Moon Bright For You, Marry Me

Playing Catch-up!

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