Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

I swear Frea is always giving me more work to do. She requested this performance because her babies (combined couple name as Yadech) were “perfect and flawless” in it. Lol, I don’t even know them. I know she’s gonna rip me again for not starting on my lakorns but can you blame me? I have so many cdramas as it is. My mother is a better drama watcher than I am. She has finished 3 lakorns and is currently wrapped up in an Indian drama over 300 episodes. My Lord. That woman is not human!! (cause she’s a goddess but do not let her know, she gloats!)

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Wallace Huo duets with Della Ding at her Beijing Concert

Aww!! I love friendship moments outside of filming projects. The princess of drama theme songs in recent years, Della Ding, recorded the themesong for Perfect Couple with Wallace Huo earlier this year, and the two have become good friends since then. Last night, he appeared at her Live Concert in Beijing and performed “Good Times” in a perfectly fitted navy suit.

In other news, why don’t pop groups ever come to the East Coast to perform?!! I’m dying to attend a concert!

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The Big Four’s Concert at Mohegan Sun, CT

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So what did you guys do on Thanksgiving Day other than carrying around a grateful heart and eating with the people you love? Well, for me, I spent the first 6 hours at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut! Not gambling, but attending The Big Four’s Concert. I’m dirt poor and the ticket cost a whopping $98! Continue reading