Yang Rong and Bai Yu fight and flirt in Memory Lost Second Trailer

So cute. SO CUTE. I dig this. Yumama has himself another hit series right here. His strong suit is never about the writing but them magical hands in creating memorable leads in reel and real-ity. Not sure how closely he’s following Ding Mo’s original story Memory Lost (美人为馅), the third detective series, after When A Snail Loves and Love Me If You Dare, so you guys can tell me or give up telling me about his notorious deviations. Lol. While the first trailer promises actions and explosions, the second one teases the flirty moments between Yang Rong and Johnny Bai Yu. HIS SMIRK!

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Yang Rong and Bai Yu’s Memory Lost unveils action-packed teaser

Johnny: I’m gonna…eat….you…”

Upcoming drama adaptation of Ding Mo’s Memory Lost, the third thriller novel in his detective series (after When A Snail Loves and Love Me If You Dare) has dropped an action-packed teaser! Yang Rong is looking gorgeous, surrounded by her handsome entourage of policemen, led by hero Johnny Bai Yu. Leave it to Yumama to always pair up the right people because these two are sparkling with chemistry just in the stills alone.

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Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi’s Wedding Ceremony in Germany

Time to marry off another one of Bu Bu Jing Xin princes! Lol. I’m liking this tradition. ^__^ It’s time to let 13th go! If based on the current records so far, these princes are romantic to the T. Congratulations!!

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Ruby Lin’s Singing All Along (Chang Ge Xin) secures air date

When Ruby mentioned the airing date for the Nth time at the most recent interview, I of course waved it off. But now it’s official! Darn this drama with all the pretty boys and girls gathered together has been shelved for what, 3 years? Anyway, having the most ridiculous English title ever, Singing All Along (秀麗江山之長歌行) will premiere on June 23rd on Jiang Su TV folks [Master Post]! Mark your calendar. I don’t even remember what the story is about anymore. Lol.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (26)

How about some news compilation? =D

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The Adventure For Love with Jiang Jin Fu, Danson Tang, Chen Xiang and Eva Cheng

That is a lot of pretty in one frame.

Another modern drama with beautiful people is coming your way! The production team held two press conferences in the span of a few weeks with its main cast consisting of Jiang Jin Fu (The Legend of Qin), Eva Cheng Yan Qiu (Chronicle Of Life, Yun Zhong Ge), Danson Tang (Murphy’s Law of Love), and Cindy Sun Xiao Xiao (God of War Zhao Yun). The Adventure For Love follows Xia Meng Xun (Eva Cheng) and the boys as they try to find a missing relic to solve the mystery surrounding the three families.

ADDED TRAILER 12/29/15. My hunch is so good.

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