Li Xian and Zhang Ming En headline webdrama Tientsin Mystic

Awwww this is so cute! The adorable sidekicks we have come to like in various projects lead a drama together! Li Xian (Dr. Qin Medical Examiner) and Zhang Ming En, the adorable lieutenant under Fu Ye in The Mystic Nine will rein you in with another mystery-themed drama, Tientsin Mystic (河神 = River God) adapted from the novel written by Tian Xia Ba Chang. Flooding ravages the land of Tianjin conjuring up numerous strange tales about the river. Li Xian plays Captain of the police team known as River God. He works together with a young master (Zhang Ming En) who escapes from his family’s business to pursue scientific solutions. Along with the two boys, two ladies help their cause in solving the mysterious cases; 1) Captain’s childhood sweetheart (Wang Zi Xuan) and a dignified news reporter (Chen Yu Mi). However, all the clues link back to a story that happened 20 years ago about the rise of a secret evil cult wreaking havoc in Beijing and He Bei. The youngsters must stop the return of the evil cult.

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