Mao Zi Jun and Yi Po Chen as cop-doctor duo in republican drama Killer and Healer

Hen Jun Bu Si Jiang Lou Yue or officially known in English as Killer and Healer (恨君不似江楼月) is a republican drama following our male lead who is a cop (Mao Zi Jun) but is considered a gray character, who is neither good nor evil and has violent tendencies. He finds himself stalked by our other male lead, a doctor (Ian Yi), who is motivated to treat him, believing he has manic disorder. They eventually become unlikely friends.

Airing 3/3 on Mango tv. That means subs will take 3 years later. Lol.

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Guardians of the Tomb: Drama version of donghua Great King of the Tomb with Evan Ma and Ian Yi

Guardians of the Tomb (墓王之王) is adapted from the donghua Great King of the Tomb following our quartet in Evan Ma, Ian Yi, Wang Yue Ting, and Sun Lu Lu as they get embroiled in jianghu’s latest chaos – a treasure and a big secret in the royal tombs. I tried watching the anime but was so confused by the names of everything.

This was filmed in 2017 and is now released. Airing 2/25 ~

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Cdramas to begin filming: Wang Kai’s Eastward Flows The Changjiang River, Jin Dong’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Zheng Shuang’s My Nanny’s Manual

A bunch of dramas airing means a new wagon of dramas enter production!

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