Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 5: Episodes 33 – 40

Based on the July Schedule they uploaded last night, there’s a possibility of having 66+ episodes? Nobody knows how many episodes it will have now. Same schedule for July (mon-thursday, 2 ep/night). I know you guys are happy but the recapping team is exhausted. Lol.

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Princess Agents: Episodes 24 – 27 Recap “Massacre of hope and innocence.”

These episodes gutted me. Shawn Dou’s TV debut performance will be one to remember. While he’s deemed at losing the love of his life later on, Shawn got the meatier role, thanks to Li Ying. Lol!

Everyone loses something in these episodes, some more than others. It didn’t feel draggy to me at all – and this is coming from someone who read the novel, caught the episodes live, recapped, and then screencapped them. Essentially, I watched them at least four times. I didn’t know my puny-sized body had that much tears. These episodes are critical because they set off the trajectories of all our major players. It’s a game-changer and I wish it happened earlier, cutting out all the unnecessary maid krap so we can have more time with our “grown-up/jaded” characters and their future, more interesting developments. We have more characters to meet and it’s taking forever to get to them!

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 4: Episodes 25 – 32

We are half-way through the drama….

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Princess Agents: Episodes 21 – 23 Recap “Stupid King and Evil Folks.”

Just a note, we are recapping the uncut version and episode 24 is only available on Monday since it contains scenes not yet in the TV (broadcast) version from HNTV, so it’s not allowed release.

These three episodes are recapped by Maymay and Candora! Please don’t forget the ladies’ hard work! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Princess Agents: Episodes 17 – 20 Recap “Misunderstandings.”

Oh Mr. Sunshine. Just because you show that bright, blinding smile, people think you’re truly happy. It’s his defense mechanism, the can’t-change-situation-then-change-attitude type of approach. Many ask why he’s so insistent on bringing Chu Qiao to Yan Bei and I would like to add that it’s the same reason why he and Yuwen Yue are the only “friends” in the rich group of boys (at least in the drama version). Yue could care less about the other guys, but he does little things to defend Yan Xun and his family. Why? They come from the same place and gravitate towards each other with the understanding that they’re trapped by their duty to family (Yue) and duty to cpuntry (Yan Xun). Both boys saw at the hunting ground the same will to rise despite the comprosmised condition in Chu Qiao. Yan Xun even said Chu Qiao is like himself, unwilling to resign herself, and that spark of burning passion attracts him to her, prompting him into the mission of freeing her so that she doesn’t end up like him.

It’s a beautiful notion, if only the road to Yan Bei isn’t filled with corpses and heartaches….

Thanks Kath for helping me with recapping episode 19 & 20!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 13 – 16 Recap “Liang Intruders.”

A huge thanks to Maymay, Candora, and Kath for recapping these episodes! – Kap

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 3: Episodes 17 – 24

We are one third of the way done!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 9 – 12 Recap “Xing Er’s Pursuers.”

With this production hell bent on not loving Yan Xun, I just have to shoulder that responsibility and love him more. To that end, I’m really confused why some fans are confused about the ultimate ship. I think my synopsis is really clear with Yue-Qiao as the ending game. But knowing that doesn’t mean that our heroine can’t love more than one man! She should! Can’t she experience love with different people and finally settle down with the ONE? Spoilers at this point won’t even help much because with all the changes made to Yue’s character, intentions have been altered and we just have to follow the drama as it presents the story to us. Enjoy the ride, enjoy not knowing what’s gonna happen. What’s fun when you know everything beforehand? (Trust me, it’s not fun… )

Thanks Candora for helping me with episode 12 recap. I’m so drained.

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