Hu Jia Hao and Mi Jia have a son who comes from the future in Please Be Married

Adapted from the manhua Mommy, Where’s My Daddy, Please Be Married (拜托,快结婚吧) is an upcoming romcom with an added bundle of joy (played by child actor Dong Jiu He). The story follows our heroine, who is a trainee set to debut soon but is entangled in a big scandal and thus terminated from the company. But no worries, cold-hearted CEO is plenty in dramaland and she meets one of course, becoming an intern at his company. Just when she thinks her world has settled down, a five-year child appears before her and claims to be her kid from the future with…..the same cold-hearted CEO. Dun, Dun, Dun!!

Airing 5/27~

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