iQiYi releases New Teasers and Trailers of Upcoming Dramas for 2021

15+ dramas (and counting) coming to you from Qiyi. Which ones are you looking forward to the most?

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Immortality: Drama adaptation of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun drops First Posters with Chen Fei Yu and Luo Yun Xi

Adapted from the boy-love novel The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (二哈和他的白猫师尊) written by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat (Lol), Immortality (皓衣行) stars two male leads in Chen Fei Yu and Luo Yun Xi. I’m trying to read the translated novel and I think you guys know that I don’t do well when it comes to Shifu-disciple relationship in dramas. Lol. Chen Fei Yu is set to play Mo Wei Yu, the disciple, and Luo Yun Xi is taking on the role of Shifu here.

And it looks like the dynamic of Shifu and disciple in here is just as volatile as any other. We meet the disciple Mo Wei Yu when he’s on top; designating himself as the emperor of the cultivation world, referring to himself as Mo Ran. He lies, cheats, sleeps around, and does all sorts of murderous events which ends in his death in chapter 1 of the novel. The long-suffering cultivators finally work together and rise up to fight him, the merciless tyrant. A little before that, we learn that he beat his Shifu in a battle and has brought him back to be imprisoned in his castle for ten years. Not letting himself be killed by others, Mo Ran consumes a deadly poison, and even digs himself a hole in the ground for his death. Lol. What a character. They find him dead….but when Mo Ran opens his eyes, he’s reborn, or shall I say, he wakes up to see a younger him in the mirror. He’s given a second chance at re-living his life. But this time, another angle to the story is presented, and his eyes finally see all the small and quiet ways his Shifu used to protect him in the past. He was just too stubborn to see. His Shifu, Chu Wan Ning, is a man of few words and is often misunderstood for his inability to express himself. And so the two suffer painfully….and for many years.

I didn’t finish reading the novel, like always. XD

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First Impressions: What do you think of Legend of Awakening with Chen Fei Yu and Cheng Xiao?

Technically considered a web series as the broadcaster is iQiyi and Youku, Legend of Awakening is a novel to ‘drama’ adaptation based on the novel of the same name penned by Hudie Lan (also known as Butterfly Blue).

Starring the popular Arthur Chen (Chen Fei Yu), Cheng Xiao, Dylan Xiong (Xiong Ziqi) and Deng Enxi it premiered on both Youku and iQiyi on April 23, 2020.

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Legend of Awakening with Chen Fei Yu and Dylan Xiong releases opening themesong

Legend of Awakening (天醒之路) is based on the novel written by Butterfly Blue, who was also the author behind The King’s Avatar. And it is this drama that Chen Fei Yu picked over filming Ever Night 2. Devastated by the beasts, people in the Northern and Southern dynasties turn to cultivation for protection. Two orphaned siblings, played by Chen Fei Yu and Deng En Xi, are taken into the Zhai Feng Martial Arts School, where they become good friends with two more central characters, played by Dylan Xiong and Yu Yi Jie. They four youngsters make it their destiny to become the awakeners, people in charge of protecting their homeland.

They just dropped the opening themesong so I’m thinking the airdate is near ~

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Cdrama Updates: Fairyland Lovers, Dance of the Phoenix, Legend of Awakening, The Sweet Girl

Happy Friday! =D

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C-Ent Updates: The Thunder, Mermaid and Swordsman, Reignited Fire Over The Moon

When I finished gathering the news, I was like, a lot of cop shows coming up!

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Discussion Post: Ever Night Season 1 Finale with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren

I’m not anywhere near the finale of Season 1 but it’s because I dread finishing Season 1 and won’t be seeing Chen Fei Yu anymore. I like his freshness, I like his sass, and was still holding on to the hope that they won’t change the lead actor. Silly me. In Season 2, Dylan Wang (Meteor Garden) will take over the male lead character. I haven’t seen Meteor Garden 2018 yet so no opinion from me about his acting.

How was the ending guys? Did they leave room for major plots in Season 2?

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (19)

Guess who’s home and have time to watch dramas! Kappy! Why? She got her four wisdom teeth extracted. Bloody hell, let me tell you. I’ve been high on pain drugs for the past 3 days. I think it makes me nice and tolerant of everything. Lol.

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