Airing April 7th: Feng Shao Feng’s The Imperial Age and He Rui Xian’s Delicacies Destiny

Do you miss Cheng Yi in royal robes? Do you crave more foodie-themed dramas? Lol.

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The Imperial Age with Feng Shao Feng, Chen Bao Guo, and Ying Er releases first trailer

Historical drama The Imperial Age (山河月明) stars Feng Shao Feng, Chen Bao Guo, Ying Er, and Mickey He. It follows the story of Feng who plays Zhu Di, from a capable military leader, to a mature politician, and finally ascends the throne as the third Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Chen will be playing his father, Hongwu Emperor, and Ying Er as Empress Xu, while Mickey He will be playing Feng’s eldest brother and crown prince.

The trailer is long. 12 mins. Lol.

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Wang Lei as silent hero Ho Feng Shan in The Last Visa

Wow. Based on a true story of Chinese diplomat Ho Feng Shan, whose heroic deeds – defying orders and issuing Visas for thousands of Jews during WWII so they could escape Austria – were only known after his death and honored in 2001. If I were an actor, playing a silent hero like Ho Feng Shan would be an honor and something for me to carry on for the rest of my life. Golden Eagle Best Actor, Wang Lei (Ordinary World), will be taking on the titular role of the young and reckless and equally heroic diplomat while veteran Chen Bao Guo (All Quiet in Peking) will be playing his boss, one who guides and provides help along the way. This is combination of powerhouse acting right here. The Last Visa (最后一张签证) is co-produced by China’s Omnijoi Media Corporation and Czech Republic’s Twin Star Film.

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