Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

I know. Another Bali location!! Someone send these celebrities a few exotic suggestions! Anyhoo, it’s time to send off the other original Pearl Princess in our hearts. Such a strange feeling I still have for Wallace and Ruby, like it’s not real. They revealed their romance just a few months ago and the wedding also happens just as quickly. But having acted together before, the seed of romance was probably planted a long time in the shy boy and outgoing girl. It might not have been the right time then, but they still found their way back together and made it work. Now it is both the right time with the right person. Nothing beats that. ;]

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Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s Wedding Ceremony in Beijing

Too early to be tearful… but I did…. Marrying off one of my celebrity crushes. To find the light and strength in your significant other is crucial and beautiful. May you two be blessed from here on out. 😀

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Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s wedding shoots for Vogue, Marie Claire

If Yu Zheng were to be known for only one thing in his life, it would be unintentionally match-making Yang Guo’s Chen Xiao to Little Dragon Girl’s Michelle Chen. Michelle might have endured the toughest period of her life during the filming of Romance of the Condor Heroes, but ultimately, she is the winner. When I read their interviews, he was her source of light and hope during that period. Even before developing romantic feelings for her co-star, she thought it would be great to have a friend like him in her life. Then feelings sparkled and the rest is history. The pair plans to hold two simple wedding ceremonies, one in Taiwan, and one in China to accommodate both sides of the families.

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Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi’s Wedding Ceremony in Germany

Time to marry off another one of Bu Bu Jing Xin princes! Lol. I’m liking this tradition. ^__^ It’s time to let 13th go! If based on the current records so far, these princes are romantic to the T. Congratulations!!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (34)

Sigh, I need to keep track to make these posts shorter! Getting too long. Wah! And news become old quickly after being stored here for like…two weeks. Lol.

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Yuan Hong, Zhang Xin Yi’s The Look of Love Wedding Shoot

So many weddings these days in the world of Chinese Entertainment! Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi met on the set of Princess Jie You and their intimacy was photographed not too long after. Their wedding (5/30) is even smaller than previous celebrity weddings, with only 30 guests in attendance, and will be held in a castle in Germany. I’m telling you, the way they look at each other makes me want to get married. Lol. So sweet and at ease with each other. ♥♥♥

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Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi’s Wedding Ceremony in Bali

The big day is here for them. Nicky Wu and his ladylove Liu Shi Shi hold their wedding ceremony on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Not as astronomical as other wedding ceremonies, but it fits my picture flawlessly. It’s simple, romantic, and intimate. 🙂

Bu Bu Jing Xin‘s royal couple finally has a happy ending!

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Blissful Wedding Photos for Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi

I’m sure more pictures will get released but here is the first batch of wedding photos that our Bu Bu Jing Xin power couple, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi, took when they were in New Zealand. I don’t know, I find it sweetly poetic that BBJX started their relationship, with the title meaning startling surprises at every step. Instead of being pushed away by rumors and the past, they came forward to each other, finding small surprises and revelations along the gripping emotional journey. In the end, they found what’s missing in each other. It’s so sweet and surreal.

♥♥♥ Why am I getting emotional!? Boy….

UPDATE: More pictures 3/18/16.

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