Wu Qian climbs up the ladder of justice in Black Lighthouse with Yang Le

Ohhh. This this such a different look and feel that I haven’t seen before from Wu Qian and it’s nice! The hair is a little bit angular for me but hopefully, it doesn’t distract from her performance. Black Lighthouse (黑色灯塔) features our heroine as a newly graduate who gets accepted to be a trainee at courthouse. She gets to witness the legal battles between the prosecutors and the defense lawyers day after day and is armed with commitment and integrity to the right thing; she hopes to become a great judge to serve the people.

The trailer is quite dark. Airing 10/21.

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Updates: Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s The Greatest Craftsman, Janice Wu’s Black Lighthouse, Xing Zhao Lin’s Blowing In The Wind

Happy Friday!! I’m so happy! Even though I have work this weekend. xD

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Cdrama Updates: The Glory of Tang Dynasty, The Lost Tomb Reboot, Held In the Lonely Castle, The Killing of Three Thousands Crows, Huan Zhu Ge Ge Reunion

Haven’t done this ginormous post in a while and I almost forgot how time-consuming it was.

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