New Year Music Shows From Various Chinese TV Stations

Alrighty, it’s that time of the year again where Chinese Broadcasting stations fight to get the most popular artists to perform at their New Year Music Shows. I will try to add as many performances as possible! Check to see where your favorite stars went!

Happy New Year to all of our drifters! Looking forward to another prosperous new year on this ship. ~~~ ^___^ ~~~

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Running Man: Episode 163 “Better late than never.”

 photo RM163-7.jpg

I wasn’t gonna write about this episode but it’s a historical moment for us Monday Couple fans that I feel the need to document it down somewhere for future spazzing sections. Big Bang visited again but only three members came this time. I was a teeny disappointed because TOP didn’t make it. I wanted to see him all down and dirty ya know, since he’s always squeaky clean, prim and proper (the impression I have of him.) XD

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