Serenade of Peaceful Joy with Wang Kai and Jiang Shu Ying to air in April

I don’t know about you guys but the wing flaps above really promote social distancing, atm. XD FYI.

Previously known as Held In the Lonely Castle, Serenade of Peaceful Joy (清平乐) is the new English title, and the historical drama stars Wang Kai and Jiang Shu Ying. It’s based on the novel written by Milan Lady and follows the life of Emperor Renzong of Song, played by Wang Kai, as he discovers an ultimate secret to his birth. He learns that his mother is the Empress Dowager’s maidservant. To repay his family out of filial piety, he marries his beloved daughter, played by Ren Min, to the Li’s descendant Li Wei. But the marriage is nothing picture-perfect and our outspoken princess falls in love with her eunuch. She eventually runs back to the palace with him and her action causes an uproar in the government, forcing her father, the Emperor into a catch 22 – does he want to fight for her happiness, or does he want to stabilize the government?

Begins airing on 4/6!

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New Drama and Movie Video Promos: Red Rose, Faithful to Buddha Faithful to You, Monster Hunt 2, Monkey King 3

December is only getting busier!

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Niu Zi Fan and Chen Rong’s Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You To Air In December 2017

What’s going on?! It’s the end of the year so we are just gonna release dramas that have been sitting on the shelf in the last two years? Joining the fun in our festive December is another novel-to-drama adaptation: Bu Fu Ru Lai, Bu Fu Qing or Not to fail God, Not to fail You, and popular translated on the net as Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You (不负如来不负卿). Written by Xiao Chun (pen name), it’s a time-traveling story. Not once, but many times. Actress Chen Rong (1986, Brothers, Weddings Postponed) is the female lead, Ai Qing, and Niu Zi Fan (1994, a graduate from Shanghai Theatre Academy) is playing the famous Buddhist monk, Kumarajiva. The story follows an epic love story through time when a historian student successfully time-travels through time (many failed attempts before). She’s 23 when she meets our little monk who is 13 at the time, and their relationship begins as teacher and student, but he develops a crush on her ever since. Years passed for him but only mere months for her and they meet again when the little boy is at the blossoming age of 24. They recognize their love for each other but he is man with a divine mission and they suffer immensely. The third time they meet again, Kumarajiva is in the worst years of his life and she stays by his side through it all.

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Li Lan Di and Hu Xian Xu lead rookie actors in Never Gone drama version

Never Gone (So You’re Still Here, 原来你还在这里) is based on the novel written by Xin Yi Wu. A pure and entangling love story that extends through the years and comes to a temporary end when social status and money throw a wedge in their budding love. Unlike other dramas where the main leading actors play the youths and the adults, the crew has decided to use fresh-faced rookie actors to play the younger versions, which is always a plus for me! But one thing…this is one gloomy-looking group of young adults…. Lol….

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