Sun Yi leads Ma Li, Du Yu Chen, and Zhang Wen to find love and successful careers in Be Together

Be Together (我和我们在一起) is an upcoming modern drama following four girls who became good friends after meeting during their University days. They all live and work in the same city. Our heroine, played by Sun Yi, plays an aspiring app creator who joined the IT industry hoping to make a positive change. Ma Li plays a wealthy heiress who wants to make it on her own as a fashion designer. Du Yu Chen plays a woman jilted at the altar and must learn to dispose of her insecurities and stand up straight. Lastly, Zhang Wen plays a doctor who builds a wall around her own heart.

Airing 6/28 ~

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Cdrama Updates: General’s Lady, Be Together, Love Script, Youth UnPrescribed, Swin To Sky

Happy July 4th everyone! Stay safe!

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New stills for The Golden Hairpin, Love Like White Jade, Be Together, Twelve Legends, Love A Lifetime

Playing catch-up with the endless news!

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