Cheng Yi and Zhang Yu Xi’s The Promise of Chang’an changes name to Yu Jun Ge ahead of broadcast

Why do these names sound familiar…. Lol.

Can someone save Cheng Yi? He’s been stuck in Chang An since foreeeeveer!

From Meng Xing Chang An/The Promise of Chang’an (梦醒长安), the name has been changed to Yu Jun Ge (与君歌). It is based on the novel written by Zi Fei Hua and follows the story of two sisters, played by Zhang Yu Xi and Xuan Lu, who were ripped apart by politics when they were younger, and reunited on opposing sides as adults. The story is set during the Tang Dynasty under Emperor Wenzong’s rule where powerful eunuchs run the court. He and other government officials plan to get rid of Eunuch Chou Shi Liang (Mickey He) but their plan failed, leading to the execution of prime minister Wang Ya’s family, leaving only two surviving granddaughters. They are separated and raised by different camps, meeting seven years later, when the new Emperor (Cheng Yi) launches the two camps against each other.

Airing 8/8~

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