Bromance simmers in Eternal Brotherhood with Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En

Eternal Brotherhood (紫川) is adapted from the novel Zi Chuan by Lao Zhu.

Synopsis from Qiyi: This historical drama is set in the turbulent land of Zichuan, where the clans of Zichuan and Sairong are engaged in intense warfare. Zichuan Xiu (played by Yang Xuwen), stationed at the border, returns to the capital with remarkable military achievements, bringing a momentary peace to his homeland. However, new challenges arise as Yang Minghua, a prominent court official with sinister intentions, launches a rebellion. Zichuan Xiu, along with his sworn brothers Di Lin (played by Liu Yuning) and Site Lin (played by Zhang Ming’en), takes action to eliminate the threat and restore tranquility to Zichuan. Yet, as the dust settles, the aggressive Sairong officially declares war on Zichuan. Amidst the flames of war, the three brothers venture far from their homeland to defend their territory, protect their loved ones, and strive for peace, composing a passionate and magnificent story.

Dropped without much notice today 2/27~

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Yang Xu Wen, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhang Ming En begin filming for drama adaptation of Zi Chuan (Purple River)

Zi Chuan (紫川) is an upcoming historical drama based on the novel written by Lao Zhu. The story follows our male lead, Zi Chuan Xiu, from one of the three big families; he’s the adopted son of the late leader from the House of Zi Chuan, the most powerful faction that fought and guarded their land from demonic invasions, with history over two hundred years. He’s accompanied by two other great young heroes from the house of Zi Chuan. It’s the story of how these youths face off the internal and external forces to protect their homeland. As of right now, I’m unsure which actor gets which character. Filming began a while back but they have moved filming location back to Hengdian.

You can read the translated novel here at moonbunnycafe (ongoing).

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