New updates: Sandra Ma’s Oh My General has an air date, New MV for A Love So Beautiful

Excited for both!

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Oh My General Official Trailer: Warrior Sandra Ma marries inept Peter Sheng Yi Lun

GAH. Looks so good. What got me in this official trailer is the music, very reminiscent of old TVB dramas with its instrumental scores. That’s the way to my heart, show! Adapted from the novel General Above I Am Below written by Ju Hua San Li, Oh My General (将军在上) stars Sandra Ma and Peter Sheng Yi Lun in a role-reversal historical romance, where she’s the brave general and he’s the good-for-nothing male. They are forced to get married and how will love bloom with two very different people?

I need this show to be good! With PA not giving me my badassery moments, I need this!

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Oh My General drama: Sandra Ma on top, Sheng Yi Lun at the bottom

Naughty! Naughty! Lol. That’s actually the literal translation of the novel too. Oh My General (将军在上) is the upcoming costume drama starring Sandra Ma Si Chun and Peter Sheng Yi Lun. Will acting beside the Golden Horse Best Actress elevate Peter’s stoic acting or make it more visible? We shall see, we shall see. In celebration of Sandra’s birthday on pie day, the production crew releases a lot of goodies: stills, behind-the-scene clips, and a comedic teaser of Sandra flipping Peter on various occasions…and planting a kiss on them lips!

I love it when a girl takes charge. HAHAHA.

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