First Character Stills for Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2018 with Zeng Shun Xi, Chen Yu Qi, and Zhu Xu Dan

First set of stills is here and I have to ask, where did they find all these adorable actresses from?! I’m having a major girl crush on the pretty ladies.

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First Impression: What do you think of The Smiling Proud Wanderer 2018 with Ding Guan Sen?

Alrighty, Wuxia Lovers, here is your remake, led by rookie and fresh faces! Let’s hear your thoughts and impressions!

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Dramas to Air: Jasper Liu’s My Bittersweet Taiwan, Kong Chui Nan’s Fighting For Love, Ariel Lin’s Oldboy, Jiang Meng Jie’s The Perfect Wedding

The good thing about Cdramaland is…. you never have a shortage of dramas to try and watch. Lol. I still haven’t gotten out of my drama slump yet. Something please, catch my attention!

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Smiling Proud Wanderer 2018 Trailer: Ding Guan Sen, Xue Hao Jing, Chen Xun, Ding Yu Xi

Oh! Color me impressed with the first trailer! All seriousness! I think a lot of us were underwhelmed last time by the poor styling and fan-taken pictures. The new posters look much better and in motion, this looks like a very decent production. It’s led by a group of rookie actors so let’s show them some support and kick back on the not-so-pleasant comments. 😀

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Zeng Shun Xi and Chen Yu Qi confirm Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2018

Wow, I’m quite numbed by the revelation, totally not any of the leaked audition participants! They didn’t reveal the whole cast officially but the main heavy-weight characters are there! The new remake of Jin Yong’s third part in his Condor Series has a mouthful name of Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 2018.

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Hu Yi Tian, Niu Jun Feng, and Jian Ren Zi audition for The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2018

Uh Oh. Supposedly leaked photos for the upcoming adaptation of Jin Yong’s The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber are said to be circulating the net. If Hu Yi Tian gets the main role, his stardom is basically secured for the foreseeable future. But then I see Niu Jun Feng (Princess Agents) up for the same role and my heart breaks! I adore the lad and if we go by past adaptations, the main hero isn’t exactly the handsome type. Lol. But a handsome man explains why all the girls fall for the kind-hearted hero too (shallow, I know!)…. Then there’s miss Jian Ren Zi (My Sunshine) who is in the running for the role Zhou Zhi Ruo.

You like?

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Tsui Hark to adapt movie version of Romance of the Condor Heroes




At least it’s a movie and not a 60-episode drama? Chinese film director, producer and screenwriter, Tsui Hark will be remaking the epic romance of Yang Yang and Little Dragon Girl for the big screen tentatively called The Romance of the Condor Heroes. The last time he did a film project related to Jin Yong’s novels is said to be movie trilogy of The Swordsman in the early 90s.

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Ding Guan Sen, Xue Hao Jing lead The Smiling Proud Wanderer 2017

Errrrrr….. A new adaptation is in town! Jin Yong’s novel, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer (Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 笑傲江湖), last adapted in 2013 by Yu Zheng. It’s coming alive but this time, they are going the total-newbie route, with rookie actors Ding Guan Sen and Xue Hao Jing as the main OTP. The only thingy that got netizens eyebrows raised was the humble styling in make-up and clothes. Lol.

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