Gong Jun and Xu Feng in Chai Ji Dan’s Advance Bravely

Author of the widely popular boy-boy romance web series in 2015, Addicted (Heroin) is back with Advance Bravely, an adaptation of her novel Shi Bu Ke Dang. The synopsis has me cracking up already. Imagine having a brother (who owns a bodyguard agency) and asking him to help you with a said boy (who’s a cop)….only to have them two find attraction in each other! LOL. Makes sense right? In the same line of duty…

But oh my, the two leading guys are handsome (one is arguably very hot)!

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Webdrama Heroin about Gay Teenagers gains wide interest

Heroin aka Addicted (你丫上瘾了) is a webdrama that premiered about three weeks ago, based on a novel written by Chai Ji Dan (Counterattack), focusing on gay teenagers and their discovery of themselves and love amidst the hormonal period of high school. The title is a pun of their names meaning heroin – an addicted drug, much like how viewers are constantly drawn back to the couples. February has no shortage of dramas for your viewing.

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