Zeng Qi and Guo Jia Hao lead rookie actors in Reply Me 1988 remake: Our Youth

Aww, the remake of Korean series Reply Me 1988 looks adorable! It’s officially known as Our Youth (我们的青春期). And it’s airing today (6/26). Lol. One of the things that stood out from the stills and trailers is the fact that we have equal number of boys and girls. I love it! Sisterhood and bromance! C’mon ladies, we need more dramas that depict the love and sacrifices us girls can make for and with each other too!

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Love Bug Report: Reply Me 1988’s Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri confirm dating!

OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAWDDDDDDD!! My drama sunken ship has sailed in real life!! Thank-you! Thank-you! The two starred in epic series Reply Me 1988 and Ryu Jun Yeol lost out to Park Bo Gum in the end as the husband to Hye Ri’s character, but alas, heaven is kind to me. Their agency just confirmed two hours ago.

Bestest news I have read at 2 AM. Okay, I can sleep now. 😍😍😍

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Chinese Remake of Answer Me 1988 casts Zeng Qi and Kou Zhen Yu

There are three series to the Answer Me franchise and yet they picked Answer Me 1988, perhaps the most infuriating one of the three to remake! Answer Me 1988 revolves around five friends and their families, growing up in the 1980s. Of course, the infamous husband-hunting crack factor of the whole franchise doesn’t miss its chance in here as well. Our heroine is the only girl of the group and finds herself stuck between the bromance of two other friends. Hehe.

– remembers the heartbreak and frustration –


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