[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 15


Okaies, my -fascination- with BBJX has -not- faded despite a hiatus. I just spend another whole night watching all my favourite parts and weeping my tissue box clean. It was close call about whether my sleeve would end up soaking my tears before I reach over for a new box of kleenex.

Alice, someday I will get you so into a drama as well! Perhaps…

I actually made several headers for this episode just because there were so many crucial moments that both delighted me and infuriated me. But since there’s only one header and a footer, I chose my favourites.

Let’s rewind a little and remind ourselves about the snuff bottle. The happy little moment just after Ruo Xi’s self absorbed crisis in her romance with 8th.

Yu Tang gives her sworn sister a sly grin and asks why 4th send snuff to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi says 4th had seen her when she was drenched and she guesses 4th worries that Ruo Xi might fall sick and be unable to serve his Emperor Father. She wonders if it will really help.

Yu Tang says they should try it. Ruo Xi immediately hands the bottle to Yu Tang. Yu Tang opens the cap and starts to sneeze. Ruo Xi giggles.

Yu Tang declares that it is definitely helping her and offers the snuff to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi covers the bottle and says she will put it away and save it for Yu Tan. Yu Tang insists the other woman tries it as well.

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 14


In the last recap, We left the lovers at a terse moment.

Briefly, Ruo Xi asks 8th to give up his fight for the throne. He is shocked. She speaks of her love and her dream of their life together. He accuses Ruo Xi of being manipulative. 8th does not understand how his ambition was related to their live.

Ruo Xi responds, “If you agree, we will be together. If you don’t, then we will separate.”

The prince is furious and demands to know if everything she has said, sung and done had been been directed to her request that evening. Ruo Xi answers that her feelings towards him are real and sincere. She puts his hand against her chest and cries out, “You know I have you in my heart. You know it. You know it!”

With tears gleaming in his eyes, 8th wants to know why.

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 13


Watch 8th and Ruo Xi’s romance continue to flower against the Crown Prince’s all-out attempt to catch his brother in a rebellious act!

The episode reopens with the tender scene when Ruo Xi tends to 8th’s wound. The prince is madly in love and definitely amused by the shy woman sitting beside him. The scene also shows 8th’s powerful intuition and intellect as well as his deep understanding of the politics in the world he lives. It reveals his self confidence and his confusion about why Ruo Xi keeps her distance even though he is in her heart.

I will continue where I stopped in the Episode 12 recap.

8th tests his tea and expresses his desire that the water be boiling hot. He apologises to his servant, Bao Zhu for what he is about to ask the young man to do.

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 12


This episode sets the story of 8th and Ruo Xi’s blossoming romance against a tense political incident.

It opens with Nian Gengyao entering Lu Wu’s establishment. He bows to the singer before walking to meet 4th and 13th. When he faces the prince, the man kneels and greets the princes. It is Nian Gengyao.

4th waves Nian Gengyao up while 13th notes that they have not seen him for a while. He seems to have grown thinner and asks if it is because of what he had been doing for the 4th prince.

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 11


Ruo Lan tells her sister that a few days ago, 8th had send a messenger telling her that she is coming to see Consort Liang on that day. She says she was baffled because there was no special occasion that required her to enter the palace. Then she realised that it was close to Ruo Xi’s birthday and she came expecting to see her younger sister.

Ruo Xi ahs and says so it is 8th who arranged for this. She looks touched before asking Ruo Lan what patterns Consort Liang prefers.

Ruo Lan replies that her mother-in-law prefers fresh and elegant colours. Ruo Xi nods and begins to draw.

She happily presents her sister with one of her finished drawings and Ruo Lan admires it, saying that her younger sister has learnt much since she entered the palace. She compliments Ruo Xi and explains she had thought the drawings were an excuse for them to meet but Ruo Xi draws really well.

Ruo Xi laughs and grips her elder sister’s wrist, asking if Ruo Lan likes it. She offers to draw a few for Ruo Lan. The younger woman thinks about it and suggests lotus flowers and says they suit Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan agrees.

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 10


Last episode, Ruo Xi met up with 8th and the other princes. 9th attempted to get her to spill the proverbial beans but 8th vehemently stops ‘Poison Snake 9th’ while warning them away from getting Ruo Xi involved with their plans.

She called out to 8th and Ruo Xi struggles with herself. She gives an oblique hint but she continues to debate it she …

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 9


The plot thickens as we approach a major historic crossroad.

We saw how angry the Emperor was when the Crown Prince bursts into his tent, begging not to be deposed. The hapless heir experiences fear for the first time.

The Emperor had the Crown Prince dragged away, commanding that he not be allowed to approach his tent without his express permission.

As the Emperor shivers with anger, Ruo Xi watches from the sidelines …

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[Recap] Bu Bu Jing Xin Episode 8


I smell blood. And so do the other hound dogs on the trail, tails wagging as they track the trail of one feckless, oblivious prey.

Wrong drama? Not really. Especially in the last episode.

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