Four Character Teasers for Jiang Jin Fu’s Royal Highness

Yes. You read that right, we have a wagon of trailers released yesterday at the press conference for Jiang Jin Fu‘s period drama, Royal Highness (回明之杨凌传), based on the novel written by Yue Guang. The novel follows a modern man who is given a chance to re-live and is sent back through time and landed himself in the Ming Dynasty. Using only his wits, he’s able to rise the rank and befriend the emperor. Friends, enemies, and a house of lovely ladies. What a lucky man. I think this is the premise our male fans would appreciate more than us girls. Lol. However, I have to add that the trailers surprised me in a good way. I expected more comedy from the synopsis but each trailer runs solemnly and wraps the struggles of each character nicely in one brief minute. It’s back on my watch-list now. XD

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Lovely costumes in Jiang Jin Fu and Yuan Bing Yan’s Royal Highness

This sounds like a fun adaptation, except for the skeletal synopsis to Jin Yong’s The Deer and the Cauldron. Royal Highness is the drama adaptation of novel, Back to the Ming Dynasty as a Wang Ye (回到明朝当王爷), featuring a slew of your favorite fresh faces in Jiang Jin Fu (Love Me & Convince Me), Crystal Yuan Bing Yan (The Mystic Nine), Wayne Liu (Who Sleeps My Brother), and Zhang Si Fan (Demon Girl). Our male lead is a lucky man who was supposed to die early in life but is spared by the Hell Emperor after he saved a person and is given three years to live. With his smooth talk with the soldiers in hell, he’s reincarnated back to Ming dynasty into the body of a young scholar – who is neither a great scholar or great fighter. But somehow, he manages to achieve great things in life, becoming a Wang Ye, being best friend with the king, winning wars and building a legacy behind his name, including a long line of beautiful wives.

Yep. Exactly like Wei Xiao Bao – my least favorite hero! What to do? >.<

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