Ice Fantasy production welcomes fans to filming locations

If you start seeing more banners of Prince Ray around, don’t be annoyed. That kid is taking my breath away with his white hair and perfect skin. Yesterday, the production crew opened up their filming locations to reporters and a few fans (not me…sadly BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER LEAVE!) They were filming a battle between the two royalties – Fire Princess and Ice Prince!

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Second batch of stills for Guo Jing Ming’s Ice Fantasy and LORD

Falling behind slowly as we speak… I really like how these stills came out but the question remains how they are gonna look in motion.

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More costumes revealed for Feng Shao Feng’s Ice Fantasy

I knew the production team would take their time in releasing stills so I waited…and waited…and finally, a good amount of photos to post! They haven’t revealed the costumes for our leading lady, Victoria Song, yet, so fanboys would have to wait a while longer. I really like that they kept the white/silver hair aspect of the characters. For those who didn’t read the previous posts, Ice Fantasy is the drama adaptation of Guo Jing Ming‘s fantasy novel, following the epic battles for the throne and the love-hate relationship between two brothers (Feng Shao Feng and Ma Tian Yu). One who wants nothing but freedom and the other one wants nothing but grants him that wish; however, he goes about it all the wrong ways.

*note: more pictures to be added as they come out

*note #2: since a few skipped Dan Hennah’s poster below (lol), I will emphasize that he’s invited to join the art team, hence the strong similarities to his other work: The Hobbit.

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Yang Le becomes Faye Yu’s Little Husband for modern drama

I always love it when the underdogs make a prime time debut. Some of you guys might remember Yang Le from My Sunshine and Back in Time, but he’s now a leading actor in an upcoming drama, Little Husband, with experienced actress Faye Yu (The Crossing, The Merchants of Qing Dynasty) in an older-woman-younger-guy relationship. After a failed wedding day, our heroine meets the hero and the two are instantly attracted – he’s young, energetic, and romantic, while she’s mature, independent, and stable. But blind passion can’t cover up the cracks fast enough because parental disapproval, pace of life, differences in values exhaust the heroine and she chooses to break up with him. When they meet again later, he has matured and is ready to give the relationship a second chance.

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Ice Fantasy drops first icy and fiery character posters

Here’s a peak at the upcoming drama adaption of Ice Fantasy, written by Guo Jing Ming. The leads are now confirmed to be William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tian Yu, and Alina Zhang. There will be more supporting characters in the roles of seniors and royal family from both Ice and Fire Empire. Previous post here.

**UPDATE: Press Conference Pictures!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (15)

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