A Good Wife: Episode 2 “Do you see me? My pain?”

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A pat on your back writer! Solid episode for character development in our male lead. And it’s a rare happening since you made me feel averse to Zhao Wen in the premiere and then quickly turned him vulnerable and dependent in the second episode. If you know why he’s crying in the above picture, you’d feel bad too (or else I’ll announce your heart is made of stone!). I have come to accept that Zhao Wen’s shining moments will be his quiet submission to the defeats he can’t face when someone else is around and this episode highlights exactly that. His pain as a father of two babies who were never meant to arrive safely in his arms.

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A Good Wife: Episode 1 “Can they overcome this loss?”

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I think I’m cursed or something. Everywhere I turn in dramaland, I meet crazy in-laws making a living hell out of their daughter-in-laws lives. This drama is the exact opposite of Goddess of Marriage. But it isn’t a dark, twisted hour without light moments. The husbands’ attitude about women is the same but they don’t cheat in here. They do something else to ruffle my feathers. They work and work and work, completely engrossed in creating holy construction pieces, to prove that they’re superior. This leaves the women trapped as home as … potential cheaters. I hope we don’t go there because our girl is intelligent and decent enough. RIGHT DRAMA?

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