First Impression: What do you think of Ever Night (Jiang Ye) with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren?

Gonna try to catch this drama! 4th dimension, take me!

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Drama Ever Night (Jiang Ye) with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren to air

Ohhhhh Ohhhh….I am strangely looking forward to Ever Night (Jiang Ye), adapted from the fantasy novel written by Mao Ni. I have never seen the two leads in any other projects, both are rising new faces, especially Song Yi Ren who looks so adorable with her petite frame. What amazes me is the veteran actors enlisted for this drama, you have Leon Lai (what?! I didn’t recognize him at all, time is not kind to him, lol), Adam Cheng, Ni Da Hong, Hu Jun, just to name a few.

Will this be the drama to get me out of my drama drought? Just one caveat I notice….all the girls he meets….they look smitten with him…that is too many girls! But I’m also happy to report that the drama weibo has been posting short clips of the cast dubbing their own voices. Another yay!

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New Promos: Ever Night, The Destiny of White Snake, One and Another Him, Take My Brother Away

My favorite thing to do nowadays is to give out dates. Lol. No mention of dates = no dates.

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Behind-The-Scenes videos: Tribes and Empires, Ever Night, Legend of Fu Yao, Sweet Dreams

You know me, I love behind-the-scenes videos. These Chinese productions have hundreds of workers on locations every day, so it’s not strange to see how fast they can shoot a drama within 3 months (usually modern), day-in-day-out. What we see onscreen is a the final results of blood and sweats and watching these videos always shows a new level of appreciation for the crew who works tirelessly behind the cameras all-year long.

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Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren cast as leads in drama Ever Night (Jiang Ye)

They have been filming for about three/four weeks, but with enough footage to tease us every now and then. Leading male character is played by Chen Fei Yu (Secret Fruit). His female lead is rising actress Song Yi Ren (Sword Master, At Cafe 6, Time To Love). Ever Night (将夜) is the drama adaptation of fantasy novel written by Mao Ni.

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Adam Cheng and Karen Mok sing for Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I know many don’t follow or have interest in this movie but I do. They dropped the themesong for the movie sang by Adam Cheng and Karen Mok and it’s epic! I was brought back to the good old tvb days when their themesongs were carefully worded and well performed by the chosen singers. I’m literally still flailing right now! GAHHHHHHH! So good for my nostalgic heart strings!

But let me clarify that it’s a remake of the song You’re the Best in the World by Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng. Cookies for anyone who knows which drama it is under. The younger generation might not recognize, it’s okay! Lol.

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English-Dubbed trailer for upcoming film ‘Saving General Yang’


I shall call this year the year of remakes. 😛 I’m sure we’re familiar with the storyline of this one. The seven noble (and hot) sons saving their beloved father in the face of the impossible. Only one shall live to tell the tale. Louis Koo was originally cast as first Son but he got injured and they replaced him with Ekin Cheng. Truth be told, these guys are handsome but not very tough-looking. I’m very fond of Yu Bo and his overall build is not too shabby, great even. My main problem with these men is their lanky legs! I mean, seriously, if you’re gonna save me, better build up them leg muscles or else I ain’t running with ya!

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