Hawick Lau sings themesong for A Wife’s Secret

 photo AWS36.jpg

Remember the Korean song playing in the background of the trailer? Yea. I was hesitant to click play. Good thing the music director didn’t go down that path again. They enlisted the help of Hawick Lau. The song title, 爱情曾来过, is hard for me to translate so anyone fluent in the language, please help. And if you have been reading AVV, A Wife’s Secret will begin airing on March 2nd. So there’s another week for you to mentally prepare. This baby ain’t short and sweet. I’m still deciding whether I want to upload this project….6-0…..o.o

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Dramatic first trailer for A Wife’s Secret with Zhao Li Ying & Hawick Lau

 photo AWS31.jpg

Finally, I got something substantial from this project. The trailer, as seen from previous Cdrama trailers, are packed with tragedies, stabs, and tears! Do I need to remind you that it’s slated for 60 episodes? Did it change? Lordy. Why must you do this to me!

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Zhao Li Ying’s New Photoshoot in L.A + Character Stills for A Wife’s Secret

 photo WFS.jpg

The 60-episode (gulp, gulp) drama has recently wrapped up filming. Part of me looks forward to its premiere (TBA) but the number of episodes is a daunting element that haunts me. STILL. Plus, it’s a melo….GAH. Anyway, I finally finished Female Prime Minister a few days ago without skipping an episode! Quite addicting during the marathon but slowly got killed by repetition and drag. Now I wish she could film a modern drama with Chen Xiao. Pwease!

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Zhao Li Ying weeps in modern drama with Hawick Lau, A Wife’s Secret

 photo AWS18.jpg

Apparently, the word ‘rest’ doesn’t register in Mainland actors, as Zhao Li Ying hops from Ji Xiang Tian Bao to her latest modern drama with Yang Mi’s boyfriend, Hawick Lau. The tentative title is A Wife’s Secret (妻子的秘密) and let’s all hope for something saucy and scandalous. heh. It’s also a reunion with Zhao Li Ying and her Legend of Mermaid‘s co-stars, Kenny Kwan and Allen Ting.

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