72 Floors of Mystery’s shooting with Zhao Li Ying, sole female member

It is happening! First shooting of variety show 72 Floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼) with their sole female member, Zhao Li Ying, has commenced! I was really worried about our girl but the fan-taken photos assured me that she looks happy and at ease. If this were Running Man, I would put my trust in Yoo Jae Suk’s awesome MC skills, but it’s not, so I can only hope, everything goes smoothly for everyone ~ The other male members include Simon Yam, Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei, Wowkie Zhang, and Wang Xiao Li.

EDIT: ADDED FIRST TRAILER! The show airs on 5/5!

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Zhao Li Ying joins variety show 72 Floors of Mystery

Gahhh. I have mixed reaction! Not as a guest but fixed member?! The writer, Kennedy Xu of The Lost Tomb and The Mystic Nine writer, welcomed “Yin Xin Yue” (her character name in Mystic Nine) on board a few hours ago on weibo. It’s the same variety show that I wrote about with members like Simon Yam, Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei and Da Zhang Wei exploring lost treasures. Yes, they were wearing body armor… and our girl has nothing of that sport passion in her past endeavors. This is gonna be interesting. Lol.

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Variety Shows Updates: Divas Hit the Road Season 3, Keep Running, 72 Mysterious Floors, Give Me Five

Plucking this from my news batch to divide the mess into two posts. 😉

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