Drifters of the Night: A Podcast for Dreamers S01EP2 | Is this Worth the Electricity Bills?: And the Winner is Love

You suggested and we answered! Join us in discussing what we thought about the first few episodes of And the Winner is Love. We previously stated that the podcast would be published every other week, but we wanted to get this first impression one out before the drama finished, or else it wouldn’t be a first impression! Here’s an updated poll for you to take, please please take it, we’d greatly appreciate it!

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First Impression: What do you think of Love in Between with Zhang Yao and Zhang Ya Qin?

Love In Between (少年游之一寸相思) is based on the novel written by Zi Wei Liu Nian. Zhang Yao plays a young noble in search of a famous painting masquerading as a physician. On his journey, he meets masterful thief of disguise – our female lead, played by Zhang Ya Qin. She is in disguise because she’s burdened with saving her Shifu and is manipulated by a man in exchange for info about valuable medicines. When people want to attack her in jianghu, our male lead jumps in to help and gets entangled in the drama of the jianghu as well as the drama of court politics.

Airing today 6/8!

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First Impression: What do you think of And The Winner is Love with Luo Yun Xi and Chen Yu Qi?

Adapted from the novel Reignited Fire Over The Moon written by Jun Zi Yi Ze, And The Winner is Love (月上重火) begins airing today 5/28!

With unmatched beauty, our female lead is the young master of Chonghuo Palace who leaves her sect to experience jianghu. She chances upon her our male, Shang Guan Tou, who is the elegant and refined master of Yueshang Valley. They become friends and help each other along the way; their journey made difficult because our female lead is banished from her sect when the treasured martial arts manual goes missing. She makes it her mission to find the thief. Eventually, the thief is said to have mastered the powerful skills and is wreaking havoc in jianghu. Our leads do get married (!!) and the thief turns out to be someone from within.

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First Impression: What do you think of Love Designer (Love Advanced Customization) with Dilireba and Huang Jing Yu?

Airing today 5/19!

Love Designer (幸福触手可及) is a modern drama adapted from the novel written by Ai Xiao Tu featuring the constant snarkings between our fashion designer female lead and e-commerce company leader male lead. They are caught in a lawsuit and must now work together to get out unscathed.

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First Impression: What do you think of The Romance of Tiger and Rose with Zhao Lu Si and Ding Yu Xi?

It’s here! Airing today! Let me know how it is!

The Romance of Tiger and Rose (传闻中的陈芊芊) is a ancient romcom drama with an interesting storyline. Our heroine is a struggling scriptwriter with a passion for her career. She finally finds an investor for her drama but right before they can begin filming, the male lead actor openly shows dissatisfaction about the story, putting a stop to the production. Frustrated, she vows to prove her ability, just to find herself in her own fictional world. She’s NOT the female lead but rather the unlikable third princess, a minor but quite scandalous female who is destined to die in 3 episodes, by the hands of the male lead no less (!!). With a death sentence hanging over her head, she has to fight against time and is caught between the male lead (Ding Yu Si) who plays a sly prince, and second male lead (Sheng Ying Hao), a perfect man at all angles.

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First Impressions: What do you think of Legend of Awakening with Chen Fei Yu and Cheng Xiao?

Technically considered a web series as the broadcaster is iQiyi and Youku, Legend of Awakening is a novel to ‘drama’ adaptation based on the novel of the same name penned by Hudie Lan (also known as Butterfly Blue).

Starring the popular Arthur Chen (Chen Fei Yu), Cheng Xiao, Dylan Xiong (Xiong Ziqi) and Deng Enxi it premiered on both Youku and iQiyi on April 23, 2020.

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First Impression: What do you think of Skate Into Love with Wu Qian and Zhang Xin Cheng?

Adapted from the novel Rock Sugar And Pear Stew written by Jiu Xiao Qi, Skate Into Love features an adorable romance between two people who are fated to meet again chasing after their dreams on ice. When they were little, our heroine constantly teased our timid and quiet hero. They meet again during college and the table has turned. He’s now a popular hockey player while she’s bumbling along. He’s on a mission for payback but proximity to her sparks a different kind of feeling and in return, he helps her discover her passion for speed-skating again.

Airing 3/19! This looks wicked adorable and I have faith in the leads!

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First Impression: What do you think of The Killing of Three Thousands Crows with Zhao Lu Si and Zheng Ye Cheng?

The Killing of Three Thousands Crows (三千鸦杀) is adapted from the novel by Shi Si Lang and stars Zheng Ye Cheng and Zhao Lu Si in a romance that started ten lifetimes ago. She’s the princess of a fallen nation, The Great Yan. To save her own people from enslavement, she vows to find the magical lamp. During her search, she hides out at Xiang Qu Mountain and works there as a servant under the constant teasing of our male lead. Our hero turns out to be the lamp wick to the magical lamp. When the lamp is lit, he will disappear. At the same time, the person who lights the lamp will also be sacrificed! This is an interesting twist. So they are both dead? Lol. I can’t tell you more than that….won’t be fun for your journey. xD

Begins airing today 3/19!

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