First Impression: What do you think of Hi, I’m Saori with Zheng Shuang and God Itthipat Thanit?

I thought this was simply a rom-com drama but Zheng Shuang is actually playing a robot who’s a nanny/assistant to an arrogant celebrity, played by Thai Actor God Itthipat Thanit. A love story between a robot and a human….we have seen plenty of those in Kdramaland this year. Lol. But of course this was filmed waaaaay earlier and released today.

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First Impression: What do you think of Never Gone with Elvis Han Dong Jun and Yang Zi Shan?

Han Dong Jun is back onscreen in modern garbs! Plus, he’s alongside the capable Yang Zi Shan in a plot that has been done over and over again; a pair of deeply in love young adults who were torn apart by social status and financial differences, yet their hearts remain with each other for years and the heroine finally decides to pursue the man she chased away years later. I hope their acting and chemistry will elevate the drama into something memorable.

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First Impression: What do you think of Ever Night (Jiang Ye) with Chen Fei Yu and Song Yi Ren?

Gonna try to catch this drama! 4th dimension, take me!

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First Impression: What do you think of The Eternal Love Season 2 with Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie?

Haii it’s Maknae/Amy here! Just here to let everyone know that I will be recapping this series. I’m planning on releasing them after each week’s episodes has been released, so please await my recaps in the future!

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Let’s Shake It 2: Episodes 01-02 Recap

Let’s Shake It was the first C-drama I ever watched without benefit of English subtitles (and after only six months of studying Mandarin) and I fell in love with the show right away. I’m so excited to get to see the second season of this romantic comedy and, since I watched the first season without translations and managed to follow it along pretty well, I decided I’d recap the second season without subs for those fans out there who want to know what happens and don’t want to have to wait for subs. Please let me know in the comments what you think about the series and what you are enjoying or wishing was better.

So bring on the Scavenger assassins, the chili peppers, the bricks and more braised pork galore. Let’s begin Week 01 of Let’s Shake It: Trouble on Planet Duo!

(Please note that I’m not fluent in Mandarin so apologies now for any mistranslations.)


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First Impression: What do you think of Wallace Chung and Sun Yi’s All Out Of Love?

Melo…with 70 episodes… *gulp gulp*

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