Movie Date with Kap (34): Love O2O (China, 2016)

Can you believe our last movie date was in 2014?! This poor feature being forgotten and shoved in the last bunk of this ship. Let’s bring it back for our Saturday’s movie night! Feel free to drop movie suggestions through here or our twitter and if we can find quality sources, we’ll share it here. If you would like to review any movies, also let us know! It’s a one-time commitment to share your opinion!

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Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

Hi hi ^u^ First off, Happy Holidays to everyone~ So I see that everyone around is falling into either one of two camps right around now: very happy, or not so happy (and if you’re Kappy, you fall into your own category of injured and over-worked *hug*). Either way, I’m stepping in with a solution for you all~ It comes in the form of a couple of cuties from the land of mangoes (no, not India): the Phillipines~~

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Movie Date with Kap (32): The Snow White Murder Case

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Wow. What a though-provoking movie. It’s not about romance, superpowers, or horror. It is a social commentary, addressing the power and manipulation of social media and internet bullying. The medium used in the film is the big blue bird most of us have – Twitter. Many use it to tweet about their daily life, others use it to say unpleasant things while hiding behind an online identity. Replace twitter with any other social media services, and you have yourself a new anonymous face. Suffice to say, at the end of the movie, it makes me aware of the things we ought to say and the things that should be left unsaid. It’s always nice to be kinder to one another.

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Movie Date with Kap (31): Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

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It’s Saturday! I try to be consistent with our movie date being on Saturdays but it’s so hard to be on schedule. Made more difficult because I rarely watch films. Good news today though, cause I have stumbled upon a film worth your time, boys and girls, especially the group of thirsty Kung Fu fans. Oy, how I miss true hand-to-hand combats in cinema so much!

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Movie Date with Kap (30): Under the Hawthorn Tree

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I was clearing out my harddrive when I stumbled upon this movie. It’s been in the movie folder since last year and I remember downloading it because of the fresh faces and pensive title. I did not read the synopsis or any spoilers but experienced viewers will figure out the ending when the first hint is dropped. Annnnnddd I’m still crying as I write this review. It’s a movie that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it. An achingly sense of loss envelops you because these kids are untainted and raw in their performances, binding you into their plights and struggles.

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