Drama adaptation of The Legend of Shen Li (Yu Feng Xing) confirms Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin

The novel is commonly ranked as reader’s favorite and is written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (author of Ostentatious Zhao Yao, The Blue Whisper). The Legend of Shen Li (与凤行) follows the story of a strong-willed “Prince” of the demon world, Shen Li. To clarify, the “prince” here refers to our female lead, who is not blood-related to the demon royalty but a title given to her for her successes in battles and military prowess. Unluckily on her 1000th birthday, she receives a degree decree to get married to the Heavenly Emperor’s grandson, Fu Rong. The guy’s Casanova reputation forces her to run away. However, during her escape she’s injured and returns to her true form – a phoenix. The bad luck comes her way as she’s hunted down by a group of hunters. They pluck her golden feathers and sell her on the street vendor as a hairless chicken. LOL. That image is hella funny. She’s bought by a sickly scholar, who is actually a powerful God in Heaven who was bored (or whatever) and decided to enter the human realm with his memory intact. He can see that she’s a phoenix demon but doesn’t let her know about his knowledge or identity, in order to play tricks on her. xD

You can read the novel here at Just Reads.

I read this rumor since last year and was hoping to get a new fresh pairing, but alas, my drama wish seems to never come true.

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Upcoming Airing Dramas: My Super Hero, Heroes, Legacy, A Robot in the Orange Orchard, Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader, Hua Rong 2, and more

Lol @ Baron’s death stare

More dramas dropped their air dates these past few days… here’s a compilation!

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Zhang Ruo Nan and Hu Yi Tian Defying the Storm in new drama

Synopsis by Huace: In 1937, Beiping and Tainjin fell into enemy hands. In order to preserve culture and education, several universities in the north of China decided to move to Changsha. Soon after, wars broke out in Changsha. Meng Haitang, who was a lecturer at the Medical School of National Peking University, escorted young students to Chongqing. Meng Haitang, Kang Lanshan, Zhang Qi and other exiled team members from Southwest Associated University established a school and continued their teachings on their way to Chongqing. Haitang and Zhang Qi fell in love with each other. They supported each other and developed a medical school under Peking University in Chongqing. Soon, Haitang was dismissed from school. Haitang and Zhang Qi went to Kunming, got married under the witness of Ling Kang and his wife, and re-developed the medical school in Mengzi. Due to the intense situation of Myanmar-Burma Battle, Haitang and Zhang Qi led some students to establish a battlefield hospital. During the Battle of Pinggu, Zhang Qi was captured by the Japanese army and his whereabouts have never been heard since then. Haitang, who was pregnant at that time, carried on the only bloodline of the Zeng family. In 1949, Haitang and Lanshan refused to go to Taiwan and stayed in the newborn China. Haitang continued to engage in education, while Kang Lanshan inherited his husband’s will and engaged in historical research. Haitang never stopped looking for Zhang Qi, and they reunited after thirty years.

Airing 5/19~

ZRN looks really pretty and demure in this time period~

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Love You Seven Times (Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes) wrapped filming with Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, moving into a new place has completely taken over my life the past few weeks. The newfound freedom is great but the cleaning and organization is not!

Last I wrote about Love You Seven Times was in January of this year and now filming has wrapped and new promo videos and stills are also released! Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes All Thanks to a Moment of Impulse (一时冲动,七世不祥) is adapted from the novel written by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. From my previous description: Female lead is a cloud fairy with no big ambition and spends her days preferably sleeping. Lol. She works for the stingy God of Moon (aka Yue Lao aka Matchmaker in Heaven) for very little money and intends on using that money to buy herself a fan. She’s napping peacefully one day when our male lead literally drops onto the carpet outside of the Moon’s temple. He asks for help in a disrespectful manner and has the audacity to try and whip her! Luckily…or in this case, unluckily, his whip ends up destroying her most coveted thing – her fan! Now he’s getting whooped. LOL. She ties up her hair, performs a measly spell to trap him, and then chomps on him with all her strength. 😛 He then pulls her hair! A full-on brawl takes place. In front of Jade Emperor, they are punished for messing up other people’s red strings of fate – by being sent to the mortal realm and experiencing 7 lifetimes of fated love. HOHOHO. As it turns out though, it was Yue Lao who messed up the strings the other day when he was drunk and our heroine is covering up for him. In the first lifetime, our girl smartly avoids having her memory wiped and swears to make the hero’s life a miserable existence. xD

You can read the completed translated novel at Volarenovels.

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Bai Ke and Zhang Ya Qin try to stay alive in Love in a Loop

Stuck in a time loop seems to be the theme in cdramaland lately? I almost didn’t recognize Zhang Ya Qin in her modern wardrobe!

Qiyi describes the drama: The rude and narcissistic boss Bai Zhenxiang is constantly dying because of the resentment of his employees. Every time he dies, the time is reset to the same day, which causes his employee Li Luduo to be trapped in a time loop. In order to break out of the time loop, Lu Duo had to come into contact with Zhenxiang that drives her crazy, try her best to change him, save him, until she eventually falls in love with him.

Airing 5/1~

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Shawn Dou Xiao and Chen Dou Ling go through life and death in Love in Flames of War

I waited so long for Mr. Sunshine to be back in dramas but one after another, all his dramas are melo… T_T

Based on the novel by Ling Xi, Love in Flames of War (良辰好景知几何) follows the tumultuous romance between a temperamental third young master who’s sent to train in the military and an independent and resilient girl who takes refuge at his home.

Airing 4/30~

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Cdramas to Air: Simmer Down, Master of My Own, The Wind Blows From Long Xi

Is there anyway to catch up with the current airing Cdramas? Nah.

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Cdramas to air: Who Rules The World, My Sassy Princess, Lan Yan Tu Ji, See You Tomorrow, Records of Foreign Matters

Aren’t they cute? I started this post last week… and kinda got side-tracked with other stuff. Most of the dramas aired already. Lol. XD

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