Bai Jing Ting and Zhao Jin Mai stuck in time loop before an explosion in Reset

Reset (开端) is based on the mystery-thriller novel written by Qi Dao Jun. It follows a group of people on a bus with an eventual explosion happening. Every passenger on the bus has their own story, difficulties as they board the bus of doom (my translation). As our two leading characters experience life, trauma, and death together, they begin to appreciate the meaning of life. But before they can meaningfully act on their self-growth, they must find out the truth and break the cycle of time to stop the explosion.

Airing 1/11 with a total of 15 episodes~

Bai Jing Ting has been picking good projects lately and I like what I see of Miss Zhao in The Blessed Girl.

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Gorgeous stills of Republican fantasy drama, The Shadow, with Gao Wei Guang and Ouyang Nana

The Shadow (如月) is adapted from the novel written by Ni Luo, who is also the author for Wu Xin: The Monster Killer. Much to fans’ happiness, Gao Wei Guang is finally going to portray a vampire. Lol. A thousand years old vampire who is a famous business man. He angers the Japanese during a transaction and they send a group of assassins after him. During the chase, he’s rescued by our blind female lead (played by Ouyang Nana) and her friend (played by Dong Si Cheng). To repay her kindness, he searches for her and discovers her bad family situation, prompting his concern and protectiveness over her. The people behind the assassination join hand with a common enemy of his and promise to uncover the truth behind our male lead. What is it? That he likes blood? You want to volunteer your neck? I’m sure it will be classy – served in a wine cup. 😉

I was initially excited because Vengo will make a beautiful chiseled vampire, but he’s almost double the age of Nana. o.o Ottokee!

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Military drama Ace Troops with Huang Jing Yu and Xiao Zhan suddenly begins airing!

So sudden. Came home from work and heard/read my friend scream-text that her love (XZ) is returning to screen. Lol.

Ace Troops (王牌部队) is your men-and-women-in-uniform drama to end the year with. There’s a love triangle with Huang Jing Yu, Xiao Zhan, and Zhong Chu Xi, but it is resolved eventually, with each of them finding their love and responsibilities in the army, while striving to create a better team.

Airing 12/26~

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Cdramas Airing This Week: Detective Kong, Win The Future, Lucky With You, and Stick to the Script

Happy holidays everyone! Stay safe, happy, and healthy! 💓💓💓

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F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers with Tontawan Tantivejakul, Vachirawit Chivaaree, and Jirawat Sutivanisak has started to air

Are you ready to watch this story for the Xth time? 🤭 After a year of wait (they dropped the first trailer this time last year), the latest drama adaptation of manga Hana Yori Dango is here. Female lead is from a poor family who gets accepted into a rich prestigious school out of luck. She bumps head with the leader of F4, a group formed by the four richest families. They bully and leave a wake of unhappy souls around until our heroine confronts the leader, making him smitten with her audacious attitude while she has eyes for his quiet best friend.

Began airing 12/18~

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Xu Jia Qi and Huang Sheng Chi construct a sweet romance in The Flowers Are Blooming

Qiyi describes the synopsis: The story of the princess of Xiao, Chen Langyue (played by Xu Jia Qi), who has an architecture dream, sneaking out of the palace and met Li Qingfeng (played by Huang Sheng Chi), a talented craftsman in the field of architecture. A series of stories about chasing dreams and realizing self-growth opens up. As the princess of the Liang Kingdom, the heroine Chen Langyue, was exposed to poetry and books since childhood. She is proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, but has a grand architecture dream. The male protagonist Li Qingfeng was born in a noble family and is a famous and talented architect. He co-founded the Mu Yu Craftsman Team with his childhood friend, Luo Yi. The 8 young man of the Mu Yu Craftsman Team gathered together for their own ideals, and together they renovated one after another strange and interesting buildings, ranging from brothels to ghost houses, from houses to bridges, from warm little dwellings to paradise of love, from the civil courtyard to the imperial palace’s tower, and finally to rebuild the city defense for the country…..They sometimes quarrel and squabble with each other yet support each other warmly. As everyone renovates various buildings, they experience growth and a sense of belonging.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m feeling quite unmotivated these days. Is it the holidays mood of wanting to laze around? >.<”

Airing 12/19~

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Gong Jun and Qiao Xin clash emotionally in Dream Garden

Well, well, well. Joining the team of psychologists who are running amok (Yang Zi in Psychologist, Zhao Li Ying in Who is the Murderer) in cdramaland is Gong Jun in Dream Garden (沉睡花园). Lol. Our heroine is a popular blogger who gives out relationship advice to her readers. Hoping to improve her ability to analyze emotional problems, she applies to be an assistant to a psychologist (our hero), the same man who irritated her in a prior encounter.

Airing 12/13~

Viki will be subbing this drama!

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